October 2017 Favorites

Eyeko Lash Alert -£19.50

I love the formula of this mascara. It gives me exactly what I need. The most important thing being holding that curl. I haven’t found any mascara that can curl my lashes without help of a curling tool. But most will weigh lashes down or flake in couple of hours. This one doesn’t curl lashes on its own but once it’s on, it stays. The formula is black and it coats evenly. All mascaras should come in a squeezy tube I think. It enables you to move the product around. I am not a fan of thick spidery lashes atm. I am looking for length and staying power. This gives me just that, it’s perfect. (more…)

March Favorites

march favorites 2015Ultrabland Cleanser LushUltrabland Cleanser Lush reviewUltrabland. One step cure for very dry flaky skin. On the risk of sounding a bit farfetched, I have to put it out there, that this put my skin at ease on first application. Not the most pleasant smelling, but it is wonderful for what it does.

E45. This is such a basic cream. Recently upgraded to a massive tub. I would say this one is a Brit version of french pharmacy must-haves. Combined with Ultrabland, this duo has helped me get my skin back to normal. It does nothing else but moisturize.weleda skin foodWeleda Skin food. While herbal scents are not particularly pleasant to me, I like the smell of this. It’s not an usual petroleum based multipurpose balm and feels nice on the face too – not sticky and gross. Atleast on mine, I have very dry skin right now. I wrote about it in a previous post too.


indian lifesyle bloggerChampneys scrubPhilip Kingsley elasticizer reviewWe are in the new house, finally! Everything is slowly coming together to look like a home now. All I wanna do is put my feet up, watch TV, order takeout and just relax. Maybe after a nice long pampering bath. That’s exactly what I have planned for this evening, It took me five mins to pick stuff out the stash… here’s the picks!

Alpha H Micro Cleanse is a nice tingly exfoliator that works followed by Liquid Gold. I thought it was a gold coloured liquid? Nope. I understand why this took fancy to the likes of Ruth Crilly, Caroline Hirons and Rachel Tabott. This stuff is a one step treatment. Swipe it over the face with a cotton pad and not following it with a moisturizer, serum or toner is totally okay. Think of it as an overnight mask.

In love with the Elasticizer. Let it do it’s thing while I catch up on Stylist Magazine. Scrubs and a rich body butter is necessary. It’s Champneys’ Exotic Retreat Body Glow Scrub and Body Cream today. Correct me if I am wrong, but this smells like Jasmines. The body scrub is gorgeous, the salts are not plastic beads but real salt that melt away. Preference to anything that don’t choke little fishies. If you don’t know what that is about, read this.

Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream

boots botanics hydrating eye cream

Currently, I am trying to evaluate my skincare. Do I really need an eye-cream? From the book “Pretty Honest”, I have learned not everyone benefits from an eye cream. It’s nothing your moisturizer can’t do, as long as it’s safe to use around the eye. I have always had quite dry eye area, and I feel like my current face moisturizer (AphaH essential hydration cream) is not moisturizing enough. Even with the addition of Hydraluron. In two hours and usually always after waking up, it’s dry. Could be a deeper health-realted problem? I drink enough water too!

Anyway, I have used up the Botanics Hydrating Cream. It was a nice basic moisturizer. It didn’t leave the skin shiny, just hydrated. I works well under make-up. Doesn’t have any fragrance, parabens. Think it’s best not to expect any radiance-improving factor from this one. If it’s just hydration you need, maybe consider this for £4.49 and available at Boots.

More from Botanics: Botanics Facial Oil

Five Personal Goals

Alpha h skincarealpha h liquid goldnaked basics 2

1. Evaluate & simplify skincare. If you read my last post, I was talked about omitting eye creams and toners for a month or longer. Just to see if I even need them. I will let you know how that goes. My main concern is keeping my skin balanced and getting rid of blemishes. Alpha H skincare has tons of creditable followers and it’s expensive. Look at the range here. The ones that really stood out to me is liquid gold and balancing cleanser, that’s over £50 right there. Which is why this kit appealed to me. It has everything I want to try before committing to the full size.

2. Reduce sugar intake. I love chocolates and sweet things. Need to learn somehow to curb this habit. So far, the solution I have come up with is to have healthier sweet options at hand. What do you guys do?

3. Accessorize. In the fashion sense, I am a minimalist. To me a outfit is complete when I have the basic fours on. Don’t even get me started on jewellery. As much as  like browsing them, I dislike big hoop earrings, anything dangly, clunky bracelets, thick straps. Not because they don’t look good, the clunky noise, the movement restrictions is extremely distracting. So other than my wedding rings, never bothered with any jewellery. This year, I shall make it a point to learn what works and just accessorize more.

4. Experiment with makeup. If you have been around this blog, you know I love skincare. I own more moisturizers than eyeshadows. There is simply no need. My goal is to broaden my makeup horizon this year. The book “Pretty Honest” has changed how I look at makeup and made me realize how badly I need to update my cabinet. On that note, the picture above is Naked basics two (finally!), a tear drop makeup sponge and CK eyeshadow brushes.

5. Document my progress. I love it and will continue to do this year. In a diary, on my phone and on this blog.

Skincare. Most Loved 2014 Roundup

la roche posay hydraphase, neutrogena hand cream, indeed labs retinolloreal micelar water and age perfect tonerE45 creamE45 cream

Having tried few Indeed Lab products, Retinol reface is my favorite. It’s only maybe two applications away from being empty which makes me sad cos it really did make a difference. Used it in conjunction with Hydraphase sunscreen from La Roche Posay, for 50ml, surprised it’s still not empty. Haven’t come across a body lotion or hand cream that does a better job than the Norwegian formula from Neutrogena, at that price. Oh wait, there is E45, which I like more cos it can be used on the face too.Soap and Glory body scrubsspa sanctuary body souffleSpa Sactuary body butterSLS free shampooLoreal Vector Force ReviewBreakfasts scrub from Soap and Glory is the bomb. Love most of their scrubs but the smell of that one scrub is just so (aptly named) yummy. Spa sanctuary set was a present and I’m so glad it was given to me because I wouldn’t really pick them myself if I saw them in a store. The mande lular smell is gorgeous. Give it a whiff if you see it. The body souffles are light, airy and perfect for summer. The body butters are heavier in consistency and moisturizing factor, nice for colder months.

Loreal’s hair expertise range is quite something. What really dragged me in was that all the products in the range are sulphate free. I am not sure if sulphates are really a problem, but the products work. The shampoo, conditioner and mask with golden packaging are the best ones. Vector force cream, which is to be used in damp hair, before blowdrying. It acts as a heat protectant.

Sesiphase reviewAgelock resurface night creamSensiphase does a good job at soothing, like it says. Sometimes, I felt like it was not as hydrating as I would like. Oily skin types, or people who generally prefer a mat look will like this. Resurface night cream is best for dry to normal skin, it’s incredibly hydrating. The exfoliating factor in it is not as potent that you would feel tingling or see any immediate difference. This was my to-go moisturizer many nights where I just wanna go to bed ASAP.

Philip Kingsley Elastisizerbotanics facial oil reviewAzafran SoapElasticizer -Athough discovered at the very end of last year, I have to include it cos it was frankly, a miracle product for my hair. I have written about it here. Overtime, I have started using Botanics face oil everywhere but my face. I love it. It’s a lovely moisturizer, on the face sometimes, can feel a bit too much. I love this one for below the jawline moisturizing. Azafran’s rosemary and cream soap is made of dreams, It’s one thing I haven’t found a dupe of. Still remember the fragrance of this one, it was so good.

I have discovered tons of good stuff last year but this year I really want to try out some high-end skincare. Being 28 now, think it’s time to re-evaluate what my skin really needs. I am currently reading the book “pretty honest” by Sali Hughes and I have to say, for someone who started using an eyecream at age 16, to read that is unnecessary is quite mind-altering. This book has changed my perspective, I now look at toners as scented waters. So I am doing a little experiment of excluding toners and eye cream completely for a month or so. Next post is a little haul and personal goals for 2015.

Makeup. Most Loved 2014 Roundup

boxy town loved products 2014swatches loved lipsticksmax factor lipstick in eternal flameno 7 bb lips in blink pinkno 7 bb lips in blink pinkloreal color riche lipstick in crazy fuchiaclarins joli lipstick swatchmac cremesheen glass in loud and lovely swatchDior addict highshine lipstick in rose backstage

Don’t miss the battered lipstick there. Loreal’s crazy fuschia has traveled with me everywhere and likely this year too. The lightest pink from No.7 bb lips, is a great base for matte lipsticks like Bourjois Rouge Editions. It’s got a little “stick” to it, that helps moisturizing lipsticks not bleed out the edges. It does not transfer as pink as in the swatch, not on my lips anyway.MAC cremesheen glass formulas are great, if you fancy and subtle to medium gloss, this one in loud & lovely is gorgeous. There’s one I don’t have in the swatches. Dior Addict Highshine in Rose Backstage. I am literally, saving this one now because it’s about gone 😦

boxy town 2014 favoritesmaybelline hypersharp eye linerMaybelline hypersharp eye liner

Bourjois healthy mix foundation plus Real Techniques stippling brush is a lovely combo. It’s not the most easiest to work with if you have primer on though, the stippling brush makes an imprint. Without primer, it goes on like a dream. Hypersharp liner has lasted me well over 7 months, it’s not even dry yet. The formulas is lovely, except it doesn’t seem to last very long, maybe about 4-6 hours, but you can layer this on an existing line. I like how thin the tip is, makes it easier to fill in lash gap.lakme caramel meltLakme Absolute Gel Stylistessie allure, barrym jelly in rose hipFrom top left, clockwise is Rimmel sweetie crush in 009/candyfloss cutie, BarryM gelly in rose hip, Sally Hansen double duty base & top coat, Essie in the shade allure, Tanya Burr nails in New York night. Lakme Absolute Gel stylist in caramel melt, that I had when I lived in India has the best nude nail polish for me. It’s just the right consistency and formula. It outgrew my nails!

Paco Rabanne Black XS , Zara woman perfume

Paco Rabanne Black XS is how I would describe, sweet and dark. Another similar fragrance to this one is Loverdose Eau de Toilette spray, which is maybe just slightly less sugary. I love just having those little Zara ones in my bag. To me, they are perfect for work, not too sweet or flowery.

Next post is favorite skincare from 2014!