October 2017 Favorites

Eyeko Lash Alert -£19.50

I love the formula of this mascara. It gives me exactly what I need. The most important thing being holding that curl. I haven’t found any mascara that can curl my lashes without help of a curling tool. But most will weigh lashes down or flake in couple of hours. This one doesn’t curl lashes on its own but once it’s on, it stays. The formula is black and it coats evenly. All mascaras should come in a squeezy tube I think. It enables you to move the product around. I am not a fan of thick spidery lashes atm. I am looking for length and staying power. This gives me just that, it’s perfect. (more…)

Drugstore Corrector | MUA Pro-Base

Makeup academy pro basemakeup academy probase prime and conceal swatchesMUA pro base reviewMUA probase prime and conceal reviewThis compact little palette caught my eye when I was looking for a drugstore concealer. The palette has five colours -light peach in the middle, dark peachy brown in top left, next to it is a bluish purple, a shade of pistachio green in bottom left and a yellow in bottom right. The bluish purple, green and yellow look mighty pastely. Let me save you some reading, this is not going to work for anyone over NC30/NW25. The tone of these colours are too light. Except the lightest peach, in the middle, all the colours are noticeable pigmented but still remain sheer-looking. The slippery emollient base blends nicely with fingers. It is possible to build up the colours. The lightest peach is the least pigmented one and is described as a “highlight”. Someone with fair to very pale skin might find use out of this one, didn’t work for me. None of them have any shimmer or any shine, they are all flat and matte.

Miss Sporty Concealer in Dark

When it comes to drugstore concealers, there are undoubtedly very few options for deeper skin tones. Along with that comes the hustle bustle of swatching among a dozen others around the counter, trying to get a glimpse on the tiny mirror. I’d rather avoid that. But I managed to pick this one from Miss sporty in the shade 3 dark, out of two others – #1 light and #2 medium.


Sunscreens on Rotation

five sunscreenAlpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiserla roche posay athelios XLNeutrogena Ultra sheerboots under eye sunscreenI am that girl. The ones who obsesses over wearing sunscreen all year round. As long as their is daylight, there is sunscreen. I am convinced it’s not an obsession per say, it’s a label I got from others. Which is why, I will often reapply secretly. Please tell me I’m not the only one. Anywhoo… Here’s five sunscreens that I have used religiously past seven (atleast) years or longer.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer is the one that converted me to a sunscreen worshiper. At around 16-19, I had oily skin. Absolutely everything slipped off within maybe an hour. Btw, I lived in India. The temperatures are well above 26 Degree Celsius on most days. Ultra sheer was the only one that stuck and stayed. This one will give you a SPF of 50+ (PA+++). The texture is not the nicest. It doesn’t give the worst white cast either, I will say that there is a very sheer film definitely. It was INR 400, which is about £4…happy student budget!

Best for: Oily skin, Humid weathers

La Roche-Posay SPF 50+. La Roche-Posay can do no wrong, or atleast till I tried this disaster sunscreen. With a SPF of 50, it is thick gloopy and makes me look like Morticia Addams. So why is it in the list? It protects, non-sticky, it is smudge and water resistant. So at a time when I did some outdoor sports, this was the one. At around £15, this does seem bit much. I won’t be re-purchasing this but I haven’t quite found a body sunscreen that is not sticky and has high SPF.

Best for: Sun Intolerant skin, Sensitive skin, Outdoor sports like running, bootcamp etc.

Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream. SPF 15. It’s a basic sunscreen that is safe to use around eyes. I have very sensitive eyes and this one works. It’s easily available and under £3! It is often on offer at Boots too. The texture is light and tinted. The tint is a very sheer, as good as nothing. This will suit any skin type, any skin tone.

Best for: Under the eye

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ is my favorite amongst the bunch. With SPF 50, it is incredibly light and easy to wear. No weird white cast on face, no perfume. The texture is almost like a cream serum. There is no greasiness but is still moisturising enough on parched skin. The only con, it is £29 for 30ml and right now is only available online. And boy, does this run out fast!

Best for: Pretty much an all-rounder, Dry Skin

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Light SPF 20. Much lower than my usual SPF, but is perfect for winters. I wrote about it back in November. This does have perfume in it, so it might not be ideal for everyone. I don’t mind it. This one I think is nice on dry skin too. There is another moisturising version of this -La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Riche, which I might switch to next. Priced at £16.50, I think is worth it.

Best for: Combination Skin

March Favorites

march favorites 2015Ultrabland Cleanser LushUltrabland Cleanser Lush reviewUltrabland. One step cure for very dry flaky skin. On the risk of sounding a bit farfetched, I have to put it out there, that this put my skin at ease on first application. Not the most pleasant smelling, but it is wonderful for what it does.

E45. This is such a basic cream. Recently upgraded to a massive tub. I would say this one is a Brit version of french pharmacy must-haves. Combined with Ultrabland, this duo has helped me get my skin back to normal. It does nothing else but moisturize.weleda skin foodWeleda Skin food. While herbal scents are not particularly pleasant to me, I like the smell of this. It’s not an usual petroleum based multipurpose balm and feels nice on the face too – not sticky and gross. Atleast on mine, I have very dry skin right now. I wrote about it in a previous post too.

Pepta-Bright | Indeed Laboratories

pepta bright reviewI thought I’d do a in depth review of pepta bright, now that I have used it little over 3 months. This is best for reducing scars, uneven pigmentation.
Think of it as a exfoliating cream. Dab it on individual spots or lightly layer it on the face, excluding the eye area. I wouldn’t recommend using it on any active, bumpy breakouts because it can sting and cause irritation (…done that, ouch).  Using it regularly made my skin quite sensitive and slightly raw. Using it two to three times a week turned out better.
The texture is light cream, white in color but on application turns the area oily, only for a minute or so. It may look unnecessary but I found that not moisturizing after eventually dried out my skin. I wouldn’t count on it to keep my skin moisturized through the night. I woke up every morning with bone dry skin. It doesn’t have any perfume but definitely has a chemical-like smell….unnatural but not unpleasant.

This retails for £24.99 but is often on offer in Boots.

Barry M Nude | Nails Today


Glossy or matte, sheer or opaque… skin toned nails always look so chic. This pale peachy pink has received lodda love all february and I put it on again today! Also seems to be the runway choice for a ton of designer this Autumn/Winter.

Hope everybody is well.

Duvet Burrito. Found an article that makes changing duvet cover a little easier. Before this it was burrowing rabbit, where you hold ends of the duvet and burrow yourself inside the cover. OR shake it till everything fits.