Empties #1

boxytown.comFirst ever empties post, let’s get started!

Maybelline falsies mascara review

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

falsies mascara wand shapemaybelline falsies mascara reviewWhat I want from my mascara is -curling power and volume. This one did both. The curved bristle head didn’t make any difference to me. I think I prefer the straight ones. There is an option to have it waterproof. Mine was waterproof So yes, it takes effort to take this stuff off. In the end, it does the job. There are so many others to try, I don’t see myself picking up this one anytime soon.

Simple regeneration eye creamSimple Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream

This was lovely to use. Light, creamy and absorbs quickly. It is unfragranced and has no artificial colouring. I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes (yet!) but I like to use something that has anti-aging ingredients (maybe it’s working?).

Thalgo Oxygen Defence Cream ReviewThalgo Oxygen 3-Defence Cream

I have a love-hate relationship with this cream. The formulation is lovely. The cream is slightly blue in color. Although in most lighting it looks white and certainly doesn’t show on the face. It absorbs very quickly and leaves the skin moisturized without any grease. It’s not moisturizing enough forย  me (with combination skin) specially in Autumn/winter. It didn’t make much difference to dry patches on my skin, mainly forehead and around the mouth area. On the flip side, this worked well when I lived in India. The weather, even in winters is much warmer than England. So depending on where you live, this might work or not at all. I used it all the throughout summer. The fragrance is that sea-salty, Epsom-salt like. Personally, I don’t like it. This might be excellent for someone with oily skin.

Soap & Glory Body buffSoap & Glory -Scrub ’em and leave ’em -Body Buff

It’s all about the scent. Soap & Glory smells amazing!

scrub em and leave em soap and glory

This salt scrub is scented with ”Mist Your Madly’s” ..not the best scent, but the formulation is definitely one of my favorites. Basically, you use it as a scrub, wash it out and don’t worry about moisturizing after. I have said this before and will say it again..Anything that saves an extra minute in the shower is a winning product for me!

Loreal Fresh Dust reviewLoreal Fresh Dust -Force 1

This is likely the best dry shampoo I have used. The mist is fine and sheer white. I have dark brown hair, and the powder disappears after rubbing it in. I actually prefer this one over Batiste Original, which comes out slightly opaque white. I assume they come in 6 ”forces” …Mine was in Force 1. The number determines how strong the hold is. Although, I have never come across fresh dust in any other forces. The scent is hard to describe but it’s good. Think fresh, light.. mix of floral and talc. Hope that’s helpful ๐Ÿ˜›

Tony&Guy Prep Loreal fresh dustTony & Guy Prep

This is a heat protection spray that you use before styling hair with hot tools. It does the job. The bottle is nice and sturdy, good to travel with. It has a little lock switch that prevents leakage.

Tony and guy prep hair mistThe only problem I had with this is, if sprayed too much, it weighs the hair down. On the flip side, it might work to achieve a poker-straight, sleek hair-look.

Simple kind to skin toner reviewSimple Kind to Skin Toner


boxytown.com simple tonerIt’s plain, to me it did nothing. I have been expecting more from a toner, since I got the Loreal’s Refreshing one.

A-Derma SensiphaseA-Derma Sensiphase

This was one of my favorite moisturizers. I have occasional bouts of redness/breakouts..and that’s when I go to this one. It doesn’t irritate my skin, it’s moisturing without leaving any residue. Read about it in brief here. Available at Amazon. I have used this over the 6 months period max usage mentioned on the tube, unknowingly. It didn’t feel any different and seems to work just as well. Better safe than sorry though! I am throwing it out now ๐Ÿ™‚

Loreal Elvive conditionerLoreal Elvive Full Restore Conditioner

It’s meant to increase shine of the hair and it does that. I always thought the shine-inducing products were just marketing strategy. Not a fan of the fragrance but hey, it works!