Beauty Formulas | Mini Haul

I envy those who cry for summer. My skin hates summer. This year seems hotter than ever too. If you get those heat rash like thing and you know when your skin feels roasted, you know what I mean…perfect time for masks and such. I picked up a few of them and a nose pore strip from the English brand, Beauty Formulas.

Beauty Formulas masks

Apricot Deep Cleansing Self Heating mask was super fun (bit messy) to use. If you have not used a self-heating mask before, you need to try this! The consistency is orange-colored runny lotion and it doesn’t dry up after applying. So imagine it running down, dripping everywhere. Yes, fun? The amount of product in one sheet was enough to cover my face and neck twice. I kinda went overboard and piled it all on. It was messy, yes, but I love how good it feels as it warms up. It will look like someone shat on your face and I am sorry if that is too descriptive but hey, in confines of your bathroom, who cares! It doesn’t smell like apricots to me but it isn’t bad either. I wish the packaging was re-sealable but I would pick this mask again.

Oxygen Rich Bubble mask’s packaging is definitely better. The mask is divided in two tearable parts, for two applications or one for someone with larger area to cover (saying someone with a big head sounded mean, so..). The mask is creamy in the package but foams into a moussey airy consistency when applied. I am not sure if it did anything it claims to. They have few other variants in their range. Check them out on their website here.

Price -INR 150 each mask.

Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strip. Before the details, I want to tell you that this product sucks. Two things might have happened – I got a faulty product cos it has not expired yet or the product doesn’t work. I followed the instructions exactly but you know when you peel it off along with all the gunk? That didn’t happen. The glue from the strip loosened from the strip and stuck on my nose…

Price – INR 225 for a pack of 6 strips.