Two Little Moisturizing Treats


Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus
This is a conditioning oil meant for dry hair and scalp. I don’t have particulary dry scalp but it tends to get tad scaly after every colouring session. I recently went a dark brown/almost black. My hair looks less shiny and the scalp is screaming for some moisture. I dug my finger in at the shop and just had to get it. The texture is a rich butter, melts as soon as you rub it and smells pretty darn incredible. The texture although thicker than coconut oil at room temperature spreads just like it.

Moroccan Oil VS Ojon Rare Blend Oil

moroccan oil vs ojon rare blend oilmoroccon oil vs ojonI used up Ojon rare blend oil and decided to go back to Moroccan oil. Not because it’s better… they seem to work the same way. Both have silicones in them. Personally, in the hair, I’m not against it. They do good things on big hair! Moroccan oil is thicker in consistency, which in turn lasts longer. Both seem to do the job really well. They can be used on wet or dry hair. Moroccan oil makes the hair slightly more weighty. Ojon has a beautiful smell that stays in the hair for few hours. Love that! Something that Moroccan oil doesn’t have.

They are both easily available. Ojon at most Boots store and Moroccan oil at salons. Price-wise Ojon is steeper – approximately £0.66/ml versus £0.31/ml for Moroccan oil. Hope this helps choosing between them easier for some of you.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil

ojon rare blen oil medium textureojon rare blend oil reviewojon-rare-blend-oil-medium-texture.jpg.jpeg

This one, moisture therapy is for medium textured hair. Other two are Rejuvenating Therapy for lightweight textures and Total Hair Therapy for thick, coarse hair textures. All come in a similar packaging with three part substance. You are supposed to shake it well before use, so all three mix. The yellow color is clearly oil. Not sure what other two (white and blue liquid) are, so I will refrain from guessing. It smells amazing, is concentrated and few drops will go a long way. It’s very easy to get carried away with this stuff. I have end up with limp hair on too many occasions, I just love the smell of it in my hair.

The person at the counter told me that it works as a heat protectant too. I am hesitant because you can’t possibly rely on this for that purpose. For proper heat protection, the hair needs to be coated well from roots to end. Personally, I won’t apply this oil near the crown because it’s just going to get oily quicker. It might work for someone who wants to reduce volume in their hair but otherwise that advantage is irrelevant.

Overall, It works just as Moroccan oil does. Rare blend Oil to me, smells better but is also more expensive.

Available at Boots, John Lewis, Ojon.