February Favorites


February for me was a stressful month. So every now and then, I found myself reaching for calming products or happy little things to do.

Succulents are a cute little way to prep up a corner, don’t you think? And even just walking around the plant nursery was so relaxing. I picked up this one to keep on my desk.


Zara roll-on perfume is such a lovely little pick-me-up. It doesn’t have great staying power which I think is perfect for work or a train-ride.


Any.do helped me focus. It’s a task-noting app. If you are one of those people who have a million things to do but don’t get them done on time, I believe this app will help.


Click the picture for a link to it. I love how simple it is to look at, use and it has voice detection! It works so good as a widget on my android phone (can’t tell if it works the same way on iOS). Notice the green dollar sign on the right-side of “organize bills” ..it will suggest you app to help with that particular task. Pretty cool!

Lena Dunham’s “The Cover Girl” dance. Have you guys watched this? It’s Vogue’s reenactment of a dance Lena did in the TV series “Girls”. It’s just beautiful. Click the picture for link.

the cover girl danceHope you all had a good start to March!

FX Moroccan Moisture – Argan Oil


This Oil has been on my shelf for over two years. I think it’s time to throw it out now. This was a disappointing product. It smells like cheap perfume..sickly one at that.

If I knew how to read ingredients better back then, I wouldn’t buy it. Take a look.

moroccan argan oil ingrdients

Cyclopentasiloxane is silicone in liquid form. Dimethicone is Silicon Oil. Ingredients are always written in their decreasing order. I am not against silicon, but the products claims to be Argan Oil. If you look at the last few ingredients, they have added color. I don’t know what’s the point of that? And the Parfum.

It’s on the same level as Livon or other silicon based hair de-frizzers but more pricey. It does help weigh down hair. Noticeably so, but so does any other similar ones out there. I think save your buck with this one! I’ll leave you with this silly picture. Have a good day!

cheeky argain oil pic

Spirit Guide

candle and matches

I wonder why sleeping with candle on is so calming. No phones, no electronic devices. They say you can use candles to “meet” your spiritual guide. Don’t know how much that is true but it definitely helps make my goals clearer. Maybe cos there are no distractions and you have time to think about till you fall asleep.