indian lifesyle bloggerChampneys scrubPhilip Kingsley elasticizer reviewWe are in the new house, finally! Everything is slowly coming together to look like a home now. All I wanna do is put my feet up, watch TV, order takeout and just relax. Maybe after a nice long pampering bath. That’s exactly what I have planned for this evening, It took me five mins to pick stuff out the stash… here’s the picks!

Alpha H Micro Cleanse is a nice tingly exfoliator that works followed by Liquid Gold. I thought it was a gold coloured liquid? Nope. I understand why this took fancy to the likes of Ruth Crilly, Caroline Hirons and Rachel Tabott. This stuff is a one step treatment. Swipe it over the face with a cotton pad and not following it with a moisturizer, serum or toner is totally okay. Think of it as an overnight mask.

In love with the Elasticizer. Let it do it’s thing while I catch up on Stylist Magazine. Scrubs and a rich body butter is necessary. It’s Champneys’ Exotic Retreat Body Glow Scrub and Body Cream today. Correct me if I am wrong, but this smells like Jasmines. The body scrub is gorgeous, the salts are not plastic beads but real salt that melt away. Preference to anything that don’t choke little fishies. If you don’t know what that is about, read this.

First Class Mask

Organic Surge First Class MaskA gorgeous mask by Organic Surge that smells like a calm spa. Lemon essential oil and organic rosamary being the key ingredient that stands out. The product is creamy and dispenses through a nozzle. The bottle contains 50ml (1.66 floz). It has no SLS, Parabens and the ingredients are naturally-derived.