Drugstore Corrector | MUA Pro-Base

Makeup academy pro basemakeup academy probase prime and conceal swatchesMUA pro base reviewMUA probase prime and conceal reviewThis compact little palette caught my eye when I was looking for a drugstore concealer. The palette has five colours -light peach in the middle, dark peachy brown in top left, next to it is a bluish purple, a shade of pistachio green in bottom left and a yellow in bottom right. The bluish purple, green and yellow look mighty pastely. Let me save you some reading, this is not going to work for anyone over NC30/NW25. The tone of these colours are too light. Except the lightest peach, in the middle, all the colours are noticeable pigmented but still remain sheer-looking. The slippery emollient base blends nicely with fingers. It is possible to build up the colours. The lightest peach is the least pigmented one and is described as a “highlight”. Someone with fair to very pale skin might find use out of this one, didn’t work for me. None of them have any shimmer or any shine, they are all flat and matte.

Barry M Nude | Nails Today


Glossy or matte, sheer or opaque… skin toned nails always look so chic. This pale peachy pink has received lodda love all february and I put it on again today! Also seems to be the runway choice for a ton of designer this Autumn/Winter.

Hope everybody is well.

Duvet Burrito. Found an article that makes changing duvet cover a little easier. Before this it was burrowing rabbit, where you hold ends of the duvet and burrow yourself inside the cover. OR shake it till everything fits.

French Connection | Nails Today

french connection nail polishFrench connection nail polishThere has been a rapid decrease in relaxation time and in turn, my post count. It is because we are in the process of moving which means tons of packing, labeling, furniture buying and other itsy bitsy bits. So my finger tips have been bare most of the time this month, I did manage to paint my nails on sunday night. It is the pink shade from the french connection nail polishes. The set was a christmas present. I wasn’t too sure of the quality of it but surprised it is quite nice. So far, no chip. No streaky-ness and the color turned out very close to the shade in the bottle in two thin coats.

I am constantly looking up on pinterest and googling packing/organizing tips. So this is to anyone who might find it useful.

Five Personal Goals

Alpha h skincarealpha h liquid goldnaked basics 2

1. Evaluate & simplify skincare. If you read my last post, I was talked about omitting eye creams and toners for a month or longer. Just to see if I even need them. I will let you know how that goes. My main concern is keeping my skin balanced and getting rid of blemishes. Alpha H skincare has tons of creditable followers and it’s expensive. Look at the range here. The ones that really stood out to me is liquid gold and balancing cleanser, that’s over £50 right there. Which is why this kit appealed to me. It has everything I want to try before committing to the full size.

2. Reduce sugar intake. I love chocolates and sweet things. Need to learn somehow to curb this habit. So far, the solution I have come up with is to have healthier sweet options at hand. What do you guys do?

3. Accessorize. In the fashion sense, I am a minimalist. To me a outfit is complete when I have the basic fours on. Don’t even get me started on jewellery. As much as  like browsing them, I dislike big hoop earrings, anything dangly, clunky bracelets, thick straps. Not because they don’t look good, the clunky noise, the movement restrictions is extremely distracting. So other than my wedding rings, never bothered with any jewellery. This year, I shall make it a point to learn what works and just accessorize more.

4. Experiment with makeup. If you have been around this blog, you know I love skincare. I own more moisturizers than eyeshadows. There is simply no need. My goal is to broaden my makeup horizon this year. The book “Pretty Honest” has changed how I look at makeup and made me realize how badly I need to update my cabinet. On that note, the picture above is Naked basics two (finally!), a tear drop makeup sponge and CK eyeshadow brushes.

5. Document my progress. I love it and will continue to do this year. In a diary, on my phone and on this blog.

Review: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley ElastisizerThe Elastizer is quite a raved about hair product in the blogosphere. It is basically a pre-wash conditioning treatment that claims to add elasticity like the name suggests, increase shine and bounce. As most Indians know, we are used to pre-condition hair with oils. But this one is a cream, looks like any ordinary conditioner. I decided to try out the trial pack first, which includes a shampoo and conditioner. There are few other types of kits you can choose from, soft & shiny one is best for medium textured wavy hair.


First Time Using a Hot Cloth Cleanser

No7 hot cloth cleanserEveryone seems to be into hot cloth cleansers nowadays. I see why! Even with a cheap cleanser like this one from No 7, it feels so luxurious. It’s basically massaging the face with cleanser and then gently wiping it off with a warm wet face cloth. Surprised how much an effect this simple change in cleansing routine made. Anyone who has switched to hot cloth cleansers knows what I mean.. it’s definitely better. Obviously, adds two more minutes but I have been doing it consistently every night.

No7 is a boots own brand. If you are new, I’d say this is a good one to start with, see if you like the process. The texture is thick creamy with a light fragrance. It didn’t dry out my skin nor make it oily. Dispenses from a nozzle pump. One pump is enough to cleanse the face and neck. It does not remove makeup well. The longer the staying power of your makeup, the harder it is going to be for this cleanser to remove it. If it’s just sunscreen and gunk from the city that needs cleaning, you’ll be fine. The hardest one is probably mascara. I cleanse with a micellar solution if I am wearing any makeup. Wiping off with a hot cloth adds light exfoliation. Perfect little routine to unwind to. It’s available at any Boots store.