Hydraluron + Pepta-Bright for Flaky and Scarred Skin

hydraluron and pepta-brightFor unknown reasons, my skin broke out quite badly leaving scars and bumps last month. I have a feeling it was those sleep teas because they stopped soon as I stopped drinking them. Has this happened to anyone else? The ones I alternated between were Pukka Night Time Tea and Clipper Sleep Easy.

Effaclar Duo my trusty Zit Zapper didn’t do much this time. Could have been because it was almost empty? I am guessing the strength reduces with time, which was probably stowed away for over 6 months. Anyway, top that with winter dryness skin and common sense will tell you to avoid any drying ingredients. Pepta-Bright sounded like just the thing I needed. Honestly, for the first week, didn’t feel like it did anything. I only noticed the difference when out shopping one day!

I have been using Pepta-Bright with Hydraluron to help with dryness.

Indeed Labs Retinol Reface

Retinol Reface

Retinol has become a staple in good skincare. Retinol Reface by Indeed Labs is a beautiful cream consistency, to be used as a serum. It’s moisturizing enough for my skin but those with dry skin might want to layer up with moisturiser. This badass wrinkle fighter is a great for a retinol newbie. I didn’t experience any redness, breakouts or any other side effects. It’s best to skin test before use, since some people have reported being allergic to retinol.

30ml of product comes in a tube with a pump-nozzle, has no fragrance. This is easily one of my top 5 skincare items. I love it!


Don’t bother piling up this serum. Just dab on visible wrinkles/lines and spread it around. The power of retinol does not increase with the amount. A light layer is all you need.

Follow up with a sunscreen at daytime. Even when it’s cloudy. Re-apply when needed.

Retinol, the chemical breaks down in sunlight. Meaning, it won’t work as well at daytime and you should store it away from sunlight. Research also says that it works if applied under sunscreen. I like to use a different serum for day-time.

Often neglected areas -neck, back of neck, décolleté.

Retinol Reface by Indeed Labs is available at Boots (and they have a 1/3 off offer on right now!) for £13.33.