February Favorites


1. Thermal Spring Water by La Roche Posay is one of those unnecessary buy feels-so-nice product. Particulary soothing after an eyebrow (or any facial area) threading/waxing session.

2. Hyaluronic Body Gel by Nip + Fab is such a pain to use everytime after shower, but the smell of this makes up for it. More details here.

3. Hand Food and Soap & Glory go hand in hand. Now, say that out loud.

Sloap? What? Nevermind.

4. Amazing Concealer is really amazing. I am worried I talk about it too much so I am going to let you hunt down a page dedicated to it.

5. Rare Blend Oil is extremely hydrating, can be used on wet or dry hair and smells amazing. More about it here.

6. No.7 Precision Lip Pencil in #Nude is the most gorgeous my-lips-but-better colour. It is too drying to smother it all over but makes a lovely liner, as it is intended for.


Nip Fab Hyaluronic Fix

Nipfab body gel reviewnip fab hyaluronic fixNot surprised how Hyaluronic, as an ingredient has expanded into other skin care and even some lip glosses. It makes sense, hyaluronic increases the hydration level of the skin. I can’t decide if I need this particular moisturizer or not. Is it enough on it’s own? Would I want to include another step to moisturize? Tons of questions in my head as I picked this to take a whiff. This smell…is something else. It reminds me of some kind of coconut cocktail concoction. Definitely on the sweeter side. I like it so it came home with me.

The texture is very light watery gel. It resembles Hydraluron’s texture, but feels cooler and less tackier on the skin. I reckon this will be lovely in summer too. It sinks into nothingness. My skin is too dry to forgo a thicker moisturizer. So yes, to me this is an extra step. It acts just like a serum for your body. Hasn’t quite made into my everyday routine, but is quite relaxing on the days I do use it. Specially like it post shaving/epilating/waxing.

Available at Boots, ASOS, Amazon.