A-Derma Sensiphase

After the recent (skin) outbreak, I decided it’s best to put all the enhancing moisturizers aside. The retinols,  AHAs, and anything with “special” ingredients in them. Something that does nothing? Well, something that won’t irritate the skin at the least. What drew me to Sensiphase is that word on it.. Soothing. Yes, yes, that’s exactly what I need!

A-Derma Sensiphase

An episode worth mentioning here is about out beloved Effaclar Duo, the one that can do no wrong. Seriously, it has never failed me before that one overnight application, that turned my skin bright red and raw. I don’t know what happened but I am not using it until my skin has healed.

Sesiphase reviewSensiphase ingredients

It reduced most of the redness within four-five applications. I had it on all day and overnight. It has been a little over two weeks of usage and I am ready to start my normal regime. Although, I will alternate it with Sensiphase for atleast another week. It feels good on skin and reminds me a bit of the Cicaplast by La Roche posay but the texture of Sensiphase is different. This is white coloured lotion that leaves a light layer of moisture after applying but not oily at all. Even though it is meant for sensitive and combination to oily skin, I am pretty sure it will work well as a light moisturizer for someone with dry skin. It smells like pharmacy to me..think medicinal creams but light and barely noticeable when you put it on. It can be used as a make-up base and on body. Overall, I like this product. Definitely a back-to-basic favorite!


Price – 380 INR for 30ml

Available at The Skin Store

Note: The product is best used within 6 months from when opened.