Ducray Kertyol Kerato Reducing Shampoo

Kerato is a scalp condition where the skin undergoes rapid formation of new skin cells causing scaly layers of skin. The affected area can get itchy. It can happen on other parts of the body too. This shampoo is specifically targeted as Kerato-reducing.

Ducraykertyolshampoo.jpgI bought this simply cos my scalp was irritated and itchy. If it helps people with Kerato, it’s got to work with a bit of itchiness, right? It sure did! The “magic” ingredient here is Kertyol. Kertyol is an active ingredient, made of salicylic and glycolic acid. Two very popular ingredients in the skincare industry! You apply it just like you would with a normal shampoo but remember to let it sit on your scalp for atleast 3 mins before washing it out.

ducrayshampoodirections.jpgBit on the expensive side depending on how often you use it, 60ml for 350 INR. But was worth it for me. Click the pictures for a better view.

kertyolshampooprice.jpgIt calmed down my itchiness…and that’s about it. The texture is creamy and yellow in color.

kertyoltextureIt gets your scalp and hair squeaky clean. Like SQUEAKY CLEAN! You can feel it. Which is exactly why I don’t use it more than once a week and that too only when I feel like a bit of that dry itchy feel coming on. Here’s a picture of the fancy contents.

contents ducray kertyol.jpg.jpg