Two Little Moisturizing Treats


Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus
This is a conditioning oil meant for dry hair and scalp. I don’t have particulary dry scalp but it tends to get tad scaly after every colouring session. I recently went a dark brown/almost black. My hair looks less shiny and the scalp is screaming for some moisture. I dug my finger in at the shop and just had to get it. The texture is a rich butter, melts as soon as you rub it and smells pretty darn incredible. The texture although thicker than coconut oil at room temperature spreads just like it.

Weekend Face | Summer Edit

bobbi brown skin serum foundation.jpgnuxe creme fraiche rich.jpgnuxe creme fraiche dry to very dry skin.jpgBobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40Month of summer parties is here! My base game is pretty much the same. Prepping with Nuxe Creme Fraiche (£16.50). This takes care of all the flakey bits in seconds without making it greasy. Sunscreen from Simple (£4.99). Bobbi Brown’s Skin Serum (£39)foundation goes on after. This is a SPF 40 with a light natural looking coverage. I’m skipping concealer and blending my foundation under the eyes as well.

boxy town edit.jpgdior addict in pasionnee.jpgdior addict in shade pasionnee.jpgdior addict lipstick pasionnee.jpgdior addict lipstick in passionneejpgNothing says summer like a bright orangey-peachy lip but for a change, I switched to this beautiful bright purple pink lipstick from Dior Addict. They are one of my favorite formulation. Not too shiny, not too drying. This one is in the shade 771 Passionnée (£24).

Nuxe Huile ProdigieuseNuxe Huile Prodigieuse.jpgSally Hansen Airbrush legs (£9.99) in the shade light glow/01. I have scarring on my legs that I like to cover up and this does it well. This gives medium coverage while still looking like skin. It’s easier to blend and build up coverage with a tanning mitt, if you haven’t tried that already! Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse on top equals perfect pair of legs.

REN Vita Mineral – Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil

RENvitamineralskinoil.jpgRenomega3skinoil.jpgRen optimum skin oil.jpgRen_omega_3_skin_oil.jpgThis looks like cooking oil in a fancy bottle, but it’s not. I read a million reviews before buying this and almost everyone, if not everyone love it. This is an oil that is to be used like a serum. After cleansing and toning, before moisturizers and makeup. Even with a oily texture, it is suitable for any skin type because it gets absorbed -Slowly but surely. Over the past few months I have struggled with patchy foundations. No matter how moisturizing, they made my face feel dry soon after. I can’t express how much of a difference this oil made. If you have dehydrated dry skin, let this be your next purchase. Pretty much anything put on top of it goes on like a dream. Some don’t like the smell of it. I think it’s lovely. It’s light floral on the sweet side but not sickly at all.

I have to say, it’s only been about two weeks since I started using this and it’s running out quite fast. Two to three drops, according to the instructions don’t quite do it for me. I use about five drops or more to cover my face and neck. You get 30ml for £25. Over the course of time, I haven’t noticed any restoration of elasticity like it says, it might be too soon to tell. It eliminates dry patches and skin tightness, as long as I’m wearing it. Which is every morning and don’t feel that horrible tightness all day. Something I was worried about was breaking out, but I haven’t. Ren is renowned for using good plant and mineral based ingredients and free from synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, parabens etc.

There seems to be some packaging changes that led to mis-information. So you might see variation of it’s name- serum oil, skin oil… Available at Cult Beauty, Marks & Spencer, REN Website.

Hydraluron + Pepta-Bright for Flaky and Scarred Skin

hydraluron and pepta-brightFor unknown reasons, my skin broke out quite badly leaving scars and bumps last month. I have a feeling it was those sleep teas because they stopped soon as I stopped drinking them. Has this happened to anyone else? The ones I alternated between were Pukka Night Time Tea and Clipper Sleep Easy.

Effaclar Duo my trusty Zit Zapper didn’t do much this time. Could have been because it was almost empty? I am guessing the strength reduces with time, which was probably stowed away for over 6 months. Anyway, top that with winter dryness skin and common sense will tell you to avoid any drying ingredients. Pepta-Bright sounded like just the thing I needed. Honestly, for the first week, didn’t feel like it did anything. I only noticed the difference when out shopping one day!

I have been using Pepta-Bright with Hydraluron to help with dryness.