December Favorites

Oskia renaissance cleanser is really one of its kind, definitely a keeper. It has kept my acne prone, dehydrated skin in check.. along with Balance Me Congested Skin Serum. This serum is light on application, much like La Roche Posay’ Effaclar Duo with a strong dose of ecaluptus. I haven’t quite found a moisturiser to complete the ritual.


Meet Mr. Ultrabland

Ultrabland Cleanser Lushultrabland reviewUltrabland Cleanser Lush reviewUltrabland probably needs no introduction. A contender amongst many upmarket balm cleansers. I can’t compare this to them simply because this is my first ever balm cleanser. And oh my gawd, it’s beautiful. I have avoided this for a long time based on one review I had read, it said it was bad for blemish prone skin because of the ingredients in it -namely benzoin, Iris extract and rose absolute. I have blemish prone skin, but it didn’t break me out, no active acne right now. My skin was dry and patchy, no foundation went on nicely, moisturisers just got soaked up like sponge. I started looking out for good oily balm cleansers.

The texture feels just like room temperature butter. It even looks like it. A pale yellow-cream fluffy thick balm that turns oily as it melts on skin. This stuff won’t come off with rinsing alone. I like to use a damp wash cloth to wipe off. Toner + Cotton pad works too. It has a light smell, not pleasant but not very off-putting either. A size of a blob enough to fill the tip of your index finger, is good enough to get everything off. Doesn’t sting eyes and emulsifies waterproof mascara easily. A way I found to ensure moisture loss is to keep a layer of this cleanser on, like a mask while in the shower, wash off in the end.

It’s only been about two weeks, so I am guessing the small tub will last be about 7 to 9 weeks, on somedays I don’t use it as my morning cleanser. Any downside? This is targeted to a specific skin type, I think. I can feel a light layer of oil/moisture after washing it off, that might be undesirable by people with oily skin type. I would stay away from this if I had any active breakouts too. My face love this, made all the dry patches disappear so this is definitely a keeper.

Find at Lush, £7.25 for a 45gm tub.