Azafran Lemon Verbana Body Scrub

Azafran lemon verbana body scrubThis scrub is straight up lemons and lime. It can be off-putting if you don’t like citrusy smells. I don’t really mind. This salt based scrub looks like mashed kiwi fruit and comes in a plastic tub.


azafran body scrub review

How to use: Dampen your skin with or without using cleanser first. The texture is too dry to use without some water. Then scrub in a circular motion. Do not scrub too hard or in one direction to avoid scratching skin. Moisturize after.

Azafran lemon verbana scrub

It’s 90 percent organic, packed with few lovely oils. It is not drying nor is it moisturizing making it suitable for most skin types. My skin leans on the sensitive side but this didn’t hurt or turn it red. Of course you have to be careful, like with most coarse scrubs to not scrub too hard. Overall, it does not impress me. It’s just an ordinary scrub that does the job. Although, I am keen on getting one of the body polishes next. They have five other types -Balancing Lavender, Nourishing Strawberry, Soothing Orange, Pureza body polish and Manana body polish.

Azafran body scrub ingredients

This is what the website says about it:

This Unique formulation of body scrub gently exfoliates the dead skin cells with its mixture of organic oils of lime, lemon, mandarin, lemon verbena, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, organic coconut shell powder and crushed Himalayan salts. This unique formulation does not leave any oil residue on the skin like other traditional oil based body scrubs. It leaves the skin completely dry and moisturized after washing. Made especially for those with oily and acne prone skin.

Azafran scrub is available for 200 INR for a 100 gm tub at Azafran store.