Valley of Flowers by Aura Vedic

Boxytownreview aura vedicThis face mist is packed with botanical ingredients. No parabens, artificial color or fragrance. Not your typical rose water, witch hazel based one either. Sounds good, right? It smells alright, not quite the valley of flowers but what really put me off was how it reacted after I sprayed it on a lightly fragranced moisturiser. It changed the scent drastically. That is a reason enough to bin it.

It comes in a plastic pump bottle, the pump and nozzle is sub standard. I picked this from India, it was 250 INR (£ 2.56) for a bottle. Guess you get what you pay for! Face mists are sort new to me, just can’t justify buying them. Do they make any difference, really? I won’t ever pick up something with say white tea, black tea or rose water in it. You can make that stuff! If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comment below. Have a good day 😀