Christmas Prep

UK Lifestyle Bloggerboxytown.comchristmass tree in Liverpool StationChristmas time in LodonHappy Sunday, everyone! Husband and I decorated our first Christmas tree together last night and it turned out pretty good. Not quite Instagram-worthy but pleased. My desk look neater now that the presents went under the tree. I can’t relax when there’s clutter around.

First decorated Christmas tree was spotted in Liverpool Station. Personally, I don’t think November is too early to decorate Christmas tree. If I put effort into making one look that nice, I’d wanna keep it longer than few weeks too! London sparkles during Christmas..fairy lights and decorations everywhere. If it weren’t that busy, I’d walk around more often.

Visual Diary: Getting Snugglier

November 20141. Promod Beanie 2. Boots from Schuh 3. Stripey Jumper H&M 4. Twinings Spicy Chai 5. Pukka Cleanse Tea 6. Christmas Cards from Tiger 7. Knitted Socks H&M 8. Scuba Leggings from Miss Selfridge

It is finally time to get those boots out! I love winters but this is my first time living in a place that gets this cold. I’m talking about below 10 degree Celsius! The wardrobe definitely needed some warmer pieces. It’s all about being comfortable and warm. Right?

Loving knitted socks tucked in boots. The scuba leggings are thicker than regular cotton or polyester ones and oh so comfy. The details on it give it a slightly “tough” look.

New additions to the tea cupoard. The chai is not as true to Indian chai flavor but it’s still pretty darn tasty. My skin has been freaking out a bit past week. Hoping the cleanse tea helps. It tastes and smells like sauf (fennel seeds) ..which I like. It’s calming.

Tiger Cards

Can we just take a minute to admire this beautiful illustration. I might keep it for myself :p

Hope everyone is well and staying warm xx