New Season Additions

I had the most satisfying declutter -clothing, shoes, beauty and bath products and even food cupboard. Not a lot fits right, now that I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I didn’t really shop anything maternity specific. Just whatever works and that I can wear next year too! Here’s bits of what I added in. (more…)

Weekend Face | Summer Edit

bobbi brown skin serum foundation.jpgnuxe creme fraiche rich.jpgnuxe creme fraiche dry to very dry skin.jpgBobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40Month of summer parties is here! My base game is pretty much the same. Prepping with Nuxe Creme Fraiche (£16.50). This takes care of all the flakey bits in seconds without making it greasy. Sunscreen from Simple (£4.99). Bobbi Brown’s Skin Serum (£39)foundation goes on after. This is a SPF 40 with a light natural looking coverage. I’m skipping concealer and blending my foundation under the eyes as well.

boxy town edit.jpgdior addict in pasionnee.jpgdior addict in shade pasionnee.jpgdior addict lipstick pasionnee.jpgdior addict lipstick in passionneejpgNothing says summer like a bright orangey-peachy lip but for a change, I switched to this beautiful bright purple pink lipstick from Dior Addict. They are one of my favorite formulation. Not too shiny, not too drying. This one is in the shade 771 Passionnée (£24).

Nuxe Huile ProdigieuseNuxe Huile Prodigieuse.jpgSally Hansen Airbrush legs (£9.99) in the shade light glow/01. I have scarring on my legs that I like to cover up and this does it well. This gives medium coverage while still looking like skin. It’s easier to blend and build up coverage with a tanning mitt, if you haven’t tried that already! Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse on top equals perfect pair of legs.

Weekend Face | Spring Edit

weekend makeup routineBobbi brown skin serum foundation reviewSpa sanctuary illuminating moisture lotion spf 15Amazing cosmetics amazing concealer review

The weather scene this weekend has been predicted to be mostly sunny. Glad I have the face routine set.

Alpha-H SPF 50+ is a simple lightweight sunscreen. I have talked about it tons before. Boots eye cream is another basic, not too high on SPF but works well under concealer, no white cast and doesn’t rub off easily. Can’t believe I have never mentioned this Spa Sanctuary Illuminating lotion before. But there you go. I have had this for maybe 4 months. It’s no Dior Glow, the illumination is rather sparse. There is no shimmer, it’s quite flat in terms of lifting effect but I like that. It’s subtle and requires no precision.

My to go concealer Amazing Concealer in caramel. It’s sooo lovely and easy to put on. My current foundation is Bobbi Brown’s intensive skin serum foundation. I wrote a sort of first impression view here. I love how easily is blends into skin and has high SPF. Nude Magique primer is a new addition. I don’t wear a primer everyday but I feel like the foundation works better on a primer. As a general rule, any foundation works better on moisturized skin. That’s the aim for me. I am not mad about this particular primer, it’s not hydrating but not mattifying either. So until I find something better. Genuinely bored with lipsticks in my stash but today I think it’s going to be Max Factor in Radiant. Hunting for something new. Eyes on Clarins instant light 04 Orange! Lastly, miss sporty clear mascara to direct them brown right.

Okay, I think I typed that in under two minutes *pats back* …Enough chitter-chatter, let the mojito assemble!



indian lifesyle bloggerChampneys scrubPhilip Kingsley elasticizer reviewWe are in the new house, finally! Everything is slowly coming together to look like a home now. All I wanna do is put my feet up, watch TV, order takeout and just relax. Maybe after a nice long pampering bath. That’s exactly what I have planned for this evening, It took me five mins to pick stuff out the stash… here’s the picks!

Alpha H Micro Cleanse is a nice tingly exfoliator that works followed by Liquid Gold. I thought it was a gold coloured liquid? Nope. I understand why this took fancy to the likes of Ruth Crilly, Caroline Hirons and Rachel Tabott. This stuff is a one step treatment. Swipe it over the face with a cotton pad and not following it with a moisturizer, serum or toner is totally okay. Think of it as an overnight mask.

In love with the Elasticizer. Let it do it’s thing while I catch up on Stylist Magazine. Scrubs and a rich body butter is necessary. It’s Champneys’ Exotic Retreat Body Glow Scrub and Body Cream today. Correct me if I am wrong, but this smells like Jasmines. The body scrub is gorgeous, the salts are not plastic beads but real salt that melt away. Preference to anything that don’t choke little fishies. If you don’t know what that is about, read this.

Skincare. Most Loved 2014 Roundup

la roche posay hydraphase, neutrogena hand cream, indeed labs retinolloreal micelar water and age perfect tonerE45 creamE45 cream

Having tried few Indeed Lab products, Retinol reface is my favorite. It’s only maybe two applications away from being empty which makes me sad cos it really did make a difference. Used it in conjunction with Hydraphase sunscreen from La Roche Posay, for 50ml, surprised it’s still not empty. Haven’t come across a body lotion or hand cream that does a better job than the Norwegian formula from Neutrogena, at that price. Oh wait, there is E45, which I like more cos it can be used on the face too.Soap and Glory body scrubsspa sanctuary body souffleSpa Sactuary body butterSLS free shampooLoreal Vector Force ReviewBreakfasts scrub from Soap and Glory is the bomb. Love most of their scrubs but the smell of that one scrub is just so (aptly named) yummy. Spa sanctuary set was a present and I’m so glad it was given to me because I wouldn’t really pick them myself if I saw them in a store. The mande lular smell is gorgeous. Give it a whiff if you see it. The body souffles are light, airy and perfect for summer. The body butters are heavier in consistency and moisturizing factor, nice for colder months.

Loreal’s hair expertise range is quite something. What really dragged me in was that all the products in the range are sulphate free. I am not sure if sulphates are really a problem, but the products work. The shampoo, conditioner and mask with golden packaging are the best ones. Vector force cream, which is to be used in damp hair, before blowdrying. It acts as a heat protectant.

Sesiphase reviewAgelock resurface night creamSensiphase does a good job at soothing, like it says. Sometimes, I felt like it was not as hydrating as I would like. Oily skin types, or people who generally prefer a mat look will like this. Resurface night cream is best for dry to normal skin, it’s incredibly hydrating. The exfoliating factor in it is not as potent that you would feel tingling or see any immediate difference. This was my to-go moisturizer many nights where I just wanna go to bed ASAP.

Philip Kingsley Elastisizerbotanics facial oil reviewAzafran SoapElasticizer -Athough discovered at the very end of last year, I have to include it cos it was frankly, a miracle product for my hair. I have written about it here. Overtime, I have started using Botanics face oil everywhere but my face. I love it. It’s a lovely moisturizer, on the face sometimes, can feel a bit too much. I love this one for below the jawline moisturizing. Azafran’s rosemary and cream soap is made of dreams, It’s one thing I haven’t found a dupe of. Still remember the fragrance of this one, it was so good.

I have discovered tons of good stuff last year but this year I really want to try out some high-end skincare. Being 28 now, think it’s time to re-evaluate what my skin really needs. I am currently reading the book “pretty honest” by Sali Hughes and I have to say, for someone who started using an eyecream at age 16, to read that is unnecessary is quite mind-altering. This book has changed my perspective, I now look at toners as scented waters. So I am doing a little experiment of excluding toners and eye cream completely for a month or so. Next post is a little haul and personal goals for 2015.

Sneaky Peak in the bag

Today, I decided to downgrade my bag to an uncomfortably liberating little bag. Uncomfortable because this is less than half the things I usually carry. The objective is to lessen (eventually) worrying about things that shouldn’t really be. I am bound to forget something important in here. But it’s all trial and error, right? Have to say, this bag is incredibly comfortable size to carry around. Maybe not for work, but for shopping and the weekend, it’s perfect.

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