Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream

boots botanics hydrating eye cream

Currently, I am trying to evaluate my skincare. Do I really need an eye-cream? From the book “Pretty Honest”, I have learned not everyone benefits from an eye cream. It’s nothing your moisturizer can’t do, as long as it’s safe to use around the eye. I have always had quite dry eye area, and I feel like my current face moisturizer (AphaH essential hydration cream) is not moisturizing enough. Even with the addition of Hydraluron. In two hours and usually always after waking up, it’s dry. Could be a deeper health-realted problem? I drink enough water too!

Anyway, I have used up the Botanics Hydrating Cream. It was a nice basic moisturizer. It didn’t leave the skin shiny, just hydrated. I works well under make-up. Doesn’t have any fragrance, parabens. Think it’s best not to expect any radiance-improving factor from this one. If it’s just hydration you need, maybe consider this for £4.49 and available at Boots.

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First Class Mask

Organic Surge First Class MaskA gorgeous mask by Organic Surge that smells like a calm spa. Lemon essential oil and organic rosamary being the key ingredient that stands out. The product is creamy and dispenses through a nozzle. The bottle contains 50ml (1.66 floz). It has no SLS, Parabens and the ingredients are naturally-derived.

Vector Force Leave-in by L’Oréal Professional

Loreal Vector Force ReviewI realized two things midst photographing this picture. A)This tube has been used everytime before I blowdry, for a little over a year and it’s only halfway through. Hoarding things I don’t need will nag my guilt gland to death, hence, I don’t think I will get to use any of those lovely new types of heat protectants anytime soon (Rare Blends from Ojon, have been eyeing that one!)

B)All the products mentioned in this post are from L’Oréal Professional line. So naturally, I feel the need to put it out there – this is not sponsored.

Vector Force is a cream heat protectant. I like using this right after a hairwash, when the hair is damp and towel dried. It pays (in a good blowdry) to take some time to coat it evenly with fingertips, excluding the scalp. The consistency is quite runny, one has to wonder who thought of putting it in a tube. Since it dispenses from a flip-top, puddle in cap is going to happen. The product basically will help someone looking for frizz-control, moisture along with heat protectant. The smell is not very pleasant, but it doesn’t linger either.

It tends to tug a bit on dry hair and won’t spread as easily as it does on wet hair. Using it after styling is a no-no unless you just need to moisturise the ends or brush away baby-hair.

It’s currently unavailable in the UK. In India, from

B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser

B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser reviewB clean melting gelb clean melting gelb. clean melting gel reviewI am surprised how good this turned out. It’s a thick clear gel that turns into oil when you massage it on to face and then milky when water is added. This is what I imagine the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel or the Ole Henriksen Melting Cleanser to be like, but at a fraction of the price ..£3.47! Packaging is basic, in a flip-top tube and doesn’t have any added properties -Antioxidants, Essential Oils, Anti-aging etc. No added fragrance in here but it does smell lightly of something (medicated? but it’s not) I can’t think of a word. I like how it warms up on application. Almost like a thermal mask.

It takes off make-up well. Let me demonstrate, by painting my hand.

b clean melting gel reviewIn the picture, I have painted several types of make-up. Top three is a lipgloss, lipstick and lip stain, the black stain is a Mascara, bottom two rectangles are foundation, concealer, liner and eye-brow pencil. Now let’s take that off. (more…)