Philip Kingsley Moisture Balance

philip kingsley moisture balanceI have used this more like a once a week treatment than everyday shampoo and conditioner. My go to ones are Loreal’s Ultra Riche for dry hair. Moisture balance shampoo and conditioner is lighter in terms of moisturizing so it’s perfect for when you need a tougher cleanser but not overly drying. It’s definitely on the clarifying side but without stripping every bit of oil.
The shampoo is a clear runny gel, smells like sea-salt to me. Because the consistency is so thin, the best way to ensure no wastage is to squeeze it directly on the head. Expect little or no lather and it might be tempting but second cleanse is unnecessary. The conditioner is slightly balmy and spread easily, I went through the 60ml tube very quickly. In comparison to the shampoo, the conditioner seems like side-kick rather than them being a star duo. You know what I mean? It’s just..meh. Both are suitable for coloured hair. The trial/travel sizes are available for £4 at Marks & Sparks. Full sizes at John Lewis, Feel Unique.

Pepta-Bright | Indeed Laboratories

pepta bright reviewI thought I’d do a in depth review of pepta bright, now that I have used it little over 3 months. This is best for reducing scars, uneven pigmentation.
Think of it as a exfoliating cream. Dab it on individual spots or lightly layer it on the face, excluding the eye area. I wouldn’t recommend using it on any active, bumpy breakouts because it can sting and cause irritation (…done that, ouch).  Using it regularly made my skin quite sensitive and slightly raw. Using it two to three times a week turned out better.
The texture is light cream, white in color but on application turns the area oily, only for a minute or so. It may look unnecessary but I found that not moisturizing after eventually dried out my skin. I wouldn’t count on it to keep my skin moisturized through the night. I woke up every morning with bone dry skin. It doesn’t have any perfume but definitely has a chemical-like smell….unnatural but not unpleasant.

This retails for £24.99 but is often on offer in Boots.

The perfect nude pencil

lipprecisionlippencilinnudeno.7precisionlippencilinnude.jpgnudelippencil.pngI’m personally not a “nude” lip girl. I pretty much never leave home without some kind of pigmented lip colour that disguises my natural unevenly pigmented lips. Right now, my lip approach is quite slap-dash with a bit of this lip tint and I’m done. Just to switch things up, (more…)

Skin Food


Multipurpose balms are a hit or miss with people. This one is quite popular in the blogosphere along with some notable celebs. I love them because I go through them like toothpaste. But I have never come across something that smells this strong- of Rosemary, Lavender and Sweet Orange. To someone who doesn’t like lavender on its own, this concoction is quite nice, calming.

The slightly greenish tint cream is thick but definitely not oily. It disapears in seconds, leaving the skin smooth but not reliable for long term hydration for dry skin. This product has been reviewed to death, so I won’t bore you with anymore details and let you ask me questions if you have any!


I am loving baking right now. Thought I’d share a picture of my master fail but before I do, I must put it out there that I have never rolled a marizipan before and only recently learned how to use an electric whisk. Here’s my attempt at Petit Four, or as my husband calls it. Rubber.


Amazing Concealer | Amazing Cosmetics

amazing-concealer.jpegConcealer is a major part of my makeup routine. This year, I want to perfect my base. When it comes to concealers, I haven’t found one that I can wear on it’s own, without a corrector or foundation. Except, this one called Amazing Concealer from the company Amazing Cosmetics. Just to give you a little hint on how much I like it, let’s say it’s value to me is higher than Rimmel wake me up concealer, Elizabeth Arden’s flawless finish concealer, Nars creamy concealer, Revlon colorstay. It works really well on my dry undereyes. It’s so easy to work with, don’t even need a brush or sponge, just dot and pat away till its even.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil

ojon rare blen oil medium textureojon rare blend oil reviewojon-rare-blend-oil-medium-texture.jpg.jpeg

This one, moisture therapy is for medium textured hair. Other two are Rejuvenating Therapy for lightweight textures and Total Hair Therapy for thick, coarse hair textures. All come in a similar packaging with three part substance. You are supposed to shake it well before use, so all three mix. The yellow color is clearly oil. Not sure what other two (white and blue liquid) are, so I will refrain from guessing. It smells amazing, is concentrated and few drops will go a long way. It’s very easy to get carried away with this stuff. I have end up with limp hair on too many occasions, I just love the smell of it in my hair.

The person at the counter told me that it works as a heat protectant too. I am hesitant because you can’t possibly rely on this for that purpose. For proper heat protection, the hair needs to be coated well from roots to end. Personally, I won’t apply this oil near the crown because it’s just going to get oily quicker. It might work for someone who wants to reduce volume in their hair but otherwise that advantage is irrelevant.

Overall, It works just as Moroccan oil does. Rare blend Oil to me, smells better but is also more expensive.

Available at Boots, John Lewis, Ojon.