Thoughts on Products I Used Up

Guerlain Rouge G #520 is a sheer pink with a subtle PH reaction. I bought this online and didn’t find it hydrating enough. Also, it didn’t show up on my lip much. When I was moving, this is all I had and it grew on me. It’s scent is alright (“floriental” as described on the website) but the formulation is what sets it apart I think. It’s a matte- like finish, perfect before applying their Rouge G lipsticks. It’s got a bit of adherence that feels very light and makes lipstick swiping slight tackier. On it’s own, it gives a light tint that you can build up and same goes for moisturizing. Loved using it and repurchased. (more…)

Skincare To Help With Central Heating Dryness

Generally, any barrier cream helps but they are not all the same. In the past, I have used Cicaplast by La Roche whose texture I’m not fond of now. I prefer a cream/lotion that must not look oily or tacky on skin. And these are it. (more…)

New Season Additions

I had the most satisfying declutter -clothing, shoes, beauty and bath products and even food cupboard. Not a lot fits right, now that I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I didn’t really shop anything maternity specific. Just whatever works and that I can wear next year too! Here’s bits of what I added in. (more…)