The Ordinary Company Skincare Roundup

The Ordinary Company has laid out their product descriptions really well. There’s a lot of confusion around.. Check out their regime guide if you are too. I found it easy to build a routine based on the chart and reading. I tried 6 skincare products from their line.



New Season Additions

I had the most satisfying declutter -clothing, shoes, beauty and bath products and even food cupboard. Not a lot fits right, now that I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I didn’t really shop anything maternity specific. Just whatever works and that I can wear next year too! Here’s bits of what I added in. (more…)

3 Standouts from Balance Me

Balance Me is relatively a new player in the skincare scene. It’s offering is natural ingredient based and I’m pleasantly surprised how effective it is. Since last Chritmas, I have picked up few things from them and these three are the stars.


Need To Cool Down This Summer | Skincare

Thankfully, the sudden heatwave here has ended. My skin changed completely last few months. From dehydrated to normal with bouts of greasiness midday (like that clogged and hot face feeling) but not quite. I could not stand any moisturising creams and here’s my skin-robe update..

Ultrabland, Ren Cleansing Gel, Lancome Douceur

Cleanser: Although my go-to cleanser still is Ultrabland from Lush, It felt bit too cloggy this summer. I opted for Ren Cleansing Gel, which was exactly what i needed. Overtime, it did feel like it was slightly too drying which is why I alternated with Ultrabland. The gel smells lovely with a rose-floral-fresh scent and gets every bit of grime and oil off. It is meant for all skin types but I’d stay away if I had any dry patches going on.


Olaplex No.3

This has been going around as a miracle product of sort. No.3 is the at home version. No.1 and No.2 are to be used in salons during dying process. It connects sulphur hydrogen bonds permanently. Permanently is the word that got me saying no, no it doesn’t and I can prove it. (more…)

Lancome Advanced Genefique Serum

Genefique has been go to serum when my skin feels confused. It’s dry, oily, congested and dull at the same time. I have used this on and off for about 4 years and has never let me down. It seems to do a bit of everything. I will say reducing scars and even out tone is top of its list.