Current Lip Balm Stash

I absolutely love these pictures. More so because I have loved wearing everything. I’ll start with my top pick.

Lanolips 101 Ointment saved my lips. Not an exagerration at all. I slather this on everytime I go out and before bed. It is unscented, clear balm. I first discovered lanolin as a barrier when I was pregnant. Lansino HPA, a blue tinged balm -unglamorous but effective. That one for the tits, ofcourse. Also at room temperature, took a foot to squeeze. Lanolips is less denser. It is meant to be multipurpose but I just use it on my lips. Just to put it out there, cicaplast is lighter in consistency and uses dimethecone as a barrier. I feel like lipsticks and anything else sits better over Lanolips since it’s not “slippy”.

Elizabeth Arden Stick Protectant has SPF 15. I like all lip balms from EA. Think I have slight preference for the one in the pot. That one was great by the bedside. I bought this stick version last summer when I needed something with SPF that didn’t turn grey on my lips and could be used in the pool. This was perfect. Stick version is not minty as the potted one and feels lighter.

MAC Tendertalk Lipbalm is one of those colour changing lipbalms. There are so many to choose from. BarryM genie, Kiko Lip Enhancer, Givenchy Interdit, Lipstick Queen Frog Prince, Dior Addict Lip Glow, Winky Lux. And you know, they work on the same principle. So really, it’s more like what packaging would you like your “smart” lip balm to be in. Anyway, I have loved using them. Packaging-wise, Dior’s pink plastic shell is lovely and so is the sleek metallic case on MAC.

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Balm is out of stock right now. But it’s also a PH-reactive balm. I picked this because I hadn’t seen one in a pot before. It didn’t lose it’s PH-ness and worked perfectly well till the last swipe. So I’m not sure why they would discontinue it. The balm was a very light gel texture with a glossy finish. I loved this stuff and there’s nothing else to compare it with really. I hope they bring it out this summer.

Clarins Lip Perfectors are one of those products everyone has tried. I didn’t quite understand it and everytime I swatched it, it felt a bit… meh. I wanted to try a nudey colour, so I bought one. It’s a good basic everyday lip conditioner with some colour. The sponge applicator makes it pleasant to use. It’s like a massage and the sponge helps push the colour in evenly. The colour is quite sheer but it does leave a hint of whatever shade you have got. Mine is in Rosewood Shimmer.

Clinique Pep Start Balms are the least moisturizing in the bunch. I initially bought the night restoring balm that comes in the tube, but the lady gave me one of the clear stick balms instead. I kept it but found it was not hydrating enough for everyday. It’s quite light with a semi-matte finish which makes it good primer. I then bought one of their coloured ones, Guava is a pink. Coloured balms are sheer in colour. I felt like I had to re-apply too many times to keep my lips from chapping.

YSL Tint in Balms are very moisturizing lipsticks. Mine is in the shade 08 Catch Me Orange. It’s a bright orange balm. I had spring in mind! Some are sheerer than others, orange is a medium coverage, you can definitely tell it’s there. It also leaves a tint as it dries down throughout the day. This has to be my favorite formula of lipstick from the brand. They do have some beautiful colours and I am tempted to buy one of their nude-y colours next.


Makeup Routine | JANUARY 2018

I am really enjoying putting on makeup for a change. Not slapdashing but taking my time sorting out what clothes & perfume I want to wear. It’s been a while since I have had time get ready. Also I have new bits in!


Becca Backlight Priming Filter is nothing like the primers I have used before. It’s light and my skin doesn’t feel clogged. I like to start with this under my foundation on areas that I’d like a bit lighted. Love mixing it with a foundation and moisturizers. Really pleased with the peachy champagne colour, it goes well with my skin tone.

Foundation is Nars Natural Radiant Longwear. I have had this for just over a week. I prefer a full or nearly full coverage anytime of the year so I know this one is a keeper for me. I only really cover certain areas -under eyes, cheeks because that’s where majority of uneveness is. I don’t take it on my nose, chin and forehead. I used Nars Tinted moisturiser at the start of the year. It’s a bit too glowy for my liking at the moment.

Concealer is Urban Decay Naked Skin. I use this to lighten areas slightly so I will skip this somedays.


I will use Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Powder if I am too shiny or using powder bronzer/blush.

My brush is from MAC Snowball collection.


My lips has been very dry. I’m sure it’s the weather and the heater. I use Lanolips most times and for some colour I am enjoying Nars Lip Glide in Bound. which is quite old and probably needs chucking out. It’s sold out everywhere though, shame because it’s a beautiful mlbb colour.


I never really do my eyebrows other than combing with a spoolie or brow gel. I have been using the coloured end of Fleur’s Brow Tamer every now and then. It’s nice, I like the colour. The formula is tricky to use on my brows since it’s wet and you need a very light hand to apply. I don’t honk there is any fibres in it but it makes them appear thicker.

I am loving Eyeko’s Lash Alert mascara. I’m sure I have said this in a post before, haven’t I? I like how customizable it is. It lengthens and volumnizes without weighing my lashes down.


Chanel longwear cream shadow in Undertone. I find the formula really difficult to work with. It’s not as creamy as it looks. The colour is absolutely beautiful. The shimmer is subtle and makes my lids look healthy, somehow.

img_0801-1I have developed an obsession with perfumes. I was happy with two or three of the same ones I wore year after year. I can’t stand the smell of those now… Hormones, what you do! The one I am wearing most days is Molecule 01. Yep, that mysterious one. If you haven’t tried it, I urge you to get the 30ml refill. For me, this is a beautiful understated all season scent.

I was wearing Jo Malone’s English Oak and Hazelnut back in December, Christmas period. Really like it but it’s a bit heavy for everyday.

Anyway, I’ll shut up about perfumes now. Hope you guys had a lovely start of the year and the January blues haven’t got to you. Thank you for stopping by!

Chanel Nail Gloss in Rouge Radical

Lucia Pica’s Le Rouge Le Collection No.1 is gorgeous. Apart from the lipsticks, everything seem to be quite special. The eyeshadow quad everyone is going gaga over is beautiful. That shade of red eyeshadow actually looks wearable. What really caught my eye was the nail gloss though.


Five Makeup Hits And Misses

Hope you are all well. My drawers are quickly filling up and there’s so much I need to let go. I tend to get emotionally attached to certain products and hoard them till I’m ready to let go. Summing up today some things that changed the game for me and some game-changers that didn’t work well. (more…)

Springn’ it

It is beautiful outside right now. Our house got a mini makeover with more fresh plants and flowers as well. I collected some things over the past few weeks. Since I have been carrying them along everywhere, thought I’d share. I’ll leave the odd bits of tissues and tampons out. Oh and Lancome Juicy tubes! I got my hands on one. (more…)