Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick And Case 2018

Guerlain released these beautiful lipstick cases this month and I couldn’t have just one. The first one I bought was K-Doll which is a pearlescent pink case along with lipstick #520 which is a PH reactive lipstick. I could do without this colour as it is basically a balm with the slightest change on my lips. It does look lovely in the case.

Cases from L-R is K-Doll, Preppy Chic, Wild Jungle, Exotic Safari, Minimal Chic (white marbled), Neo Gothic (black marbled)

The cases are heavy and feel luxe. Not going to do a drop test but they do feel sturdy. They are really well made. The leather part feels like leather and the marbled ones are smooth. They all have mirrored inside whose “doors” are held together by the oval G block.

I have Rouge G #6 in the Preppy Chic case which is a pinky nude on me. On my friend, who is few tones lighter than me, this pulled more brown and looked equally beautiful.

Top is bare lip and bottom is #6 applied straight from the bullet. In some pictures, on googling, these lipsticks look way more shinier than they are. These I think sit comfortably between matte and glossy.

In the Wild Jungle case, I have Rouge G #22 – a bright red which instantly makes me think about driving around in a topless car. I haven’t worn red in ages. I honestly was shocked at how it brightened my face. This is a vibrant pigmented lipstick, so I wouldn’t wear it straight from the bullet. I’d go over the edges with a Q-tip or fingers to soften them.

Overall, I really like these lipsticks. They dry down a bit after couple of hours and you will have to re-apply after drinking, eating etc. They are not hydrating like the YSL Tint in balms and they don’t have that smooth siliconey feel like Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks do.  They are sort of a classic lipstick with a bit more pigment. Also, they are fragranced like most Guerlain products. I layered lanolips right after Q-tipping this red, it sat nice over the top and didn’t smudge like some do. So you can definitely add your own hydrator. They have a total of 30 shades in the collection and many nice nudes and reds. I want to get #3 which was sold out at the time.

Love the whole customising concept. They are selling out so quickly. I hope they come out with limited edition festive cases too. I’ll leave it at that. Please find me on Instagram, I am loving Insta-Stories but it’s a bit lonely right now. My handle is same as my website @Afretch.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


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