Thoughts on Products I Used Up

Guerlain Rouge G #520 is a sheer pink with a subtle PH reaction. I bought this online and didn’t find it hydrating enough. Also, it didn’t show up on my lip much. When I was moving, this is all I had and it grew on me. It’s scent is alright (“floriental” as described on the website) but the formulation is what sets it apart I think. It’s a matte- like finish, perfect before applying their Rouge G lipsticks. It’s got a bit of adherence that feels very light and makes lipstick swiping slight tackier. On it’s own, it gives a light tint that you can build up and same goes for moisturizing. Loved using it and repurchased. (more…)

Becca Brightening Corrector | Review

Corrector are a tricky one for me. I have used a few but hadn’t really found one that I really liked. Too creamy, too orange or too pink, too dry or just took too long to blend out and then concealer on top just made everything looked too done up. Becca’s creation is a mix between a corrector and a highlighter. I knew it was going to work soon as I swatched it. Some pictures below of before and after. I am wearing the shade Medium to Dark. (more…)

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick And Case 2018

Guerlain released these beautiful lipstick cases this month and I couldn’t have just one. The first one I bought was K-Doll which is a pearlescent pink case along with lipstick #520 which is a PH reactive lipstick. I could do without this colour as it is basically a balm with the slightest change on my lips. It does look lovely in the case.

Cases from L-R is K-Doll, Preppy Chic, Wild Jungle, Exotic Safari, Minimal Chic (white marbled), Neo Gothic (black marbled) (more…)