Happy Year 2019!

Hope you have had a good start to the year in whatever you chose to do. It was takeaway and movie night for me. Perfect start as this was our first proper sit down meal. I moved into a new house and it’s starting to feel like home again. (more…)

YouTubers I’m Watching Now

With less screen time, I find myself picking who to watch on YouTube now. I would hate to miss anything from Alix (I Covet Thee), Lydia Millen and Fleur (Fleur De Force) at the moment. But there’s couple new channels I subscribed to. (more…)

Hayfever And Surviving Heatwave

My mind at the moment is all over the place. There’s a million things happening and at any given point I feel like I should be doing something. Anything! Boil those carrots, order butt wipes and eyedrops. I am frankly, done with summer. There’s no more picnics that will make this better. Because, Hayfever. (more…)