Thoughts on Products I Used Up

Guerlain Rouge G #520 is a sheer pink with a subtle PH reaction. I bought this online and didn’t find it hydrating enough. Also, it didn’t show up on my lip much. When I was moving, this is all I had and it grew on me. It’s scent is alright (“floriental” as described on the website) but the formulation is what sets it apart I think. It’s a matte- like finish, perfect before applying their Rouge G lipsticks. It’s got a bit of adherence that feels very light and makes lipstick swiping slight tackier. On it’s own, it gives a light tint that you can build up and same goes for moisturizing. Loved using it and repurchased.

Pixi Peel & Polish was brilliant. It is a grainy Lactic acid and enzyme based exfoliant. I would avoid on any active or recent breakouts. It’s meant to be put on like a mask, dry, add water to scrub off if you want to. Or wash it off. I liked it because it made getting rid of patchy dry skin easier. I haven’t purchased this again as I have other exfoliants to use up before they expire.

Clinique Pep-Start eye cream is not for me. I got this mini as part of a set so it doesn’t have a “cool touch” ball head. The product itself is hydrating and that’s about it. I do wish companies made more minis to buy though, so handy to carry around. I used it up over summer as my eye area got drier and it’s non-greasy, light enough to go under sunscreens.

The Ordinary Buffet. Peptide induced anything is good in my books at the moment. They help firm the skin, I think. I do need to update my readings on it. Buffet is a gel that dries down a bit tacky and then dissappears. Wasn’t sure what it was doing until I was about half way through the bottle. It seems to smoothen out appearance of creases and that puffy look. You know the one you get from ageing. Loved it in summer as it was all I needed for hydration. I use my retinol on alternate days so Buffet fills the gap.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender. I’m on the fence about this. I like it and not too. It’s meant to be used on damp hair to coat it. What it does is smoothen hair and keeps it cleaner for longer by weather-proofing it. What it really does is extend shampoo time by half a day on mine. It also gives it a bit of hold that puts some definition on my frizzy hair. What I don’t like is its not easy to get an even application. I realized this after my hair has dried because I can’t put a comb through it without a detangler. Shame as I love the finish it gives but can’t deal with the extra detangling step. The glue like lotion is great for static hair and if you wear a sleek back hair bun or pony.

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