Happy Year 2019!

Hope you have had a good start to the year in whatever you chose to do. It was takeaway and movie night for me. Perfect start as this was our first proper sit down meal. I moved into a new house and it’s starting to feel like home again.

New year resolutions can be daunting and to list them down was a sure way of NOT getting it done. However, since I have started keeping a diary, to improve my productivity, it makes sense to map out a foundation throughout the year to reach a goal.

In 2018, I managed to become a better sleeper and in turn, a morning person. Which honestly, I never was! Scheduling work time made writing/posting on this blog easier and consistent. It felt strange to write down things like meals of the week, exercise routine and time-off at first but now a whole year has gone and I can confirm it has actually helped me focus. Also, many ideas didn’t work. Like how I planned to start running three times a week. I was breastfeeding this time last year so that went down the drain quickly. Also, keeping a paleo diet didn’t go well. Nor did my attempts at making a proper cake.

Always learning and all that. I do know some of my limits now. Anyway, resolutions -I am hoping to have more variety of content here this year. I would like to share bit of my home and DIYs. By the way, this blog (about five years back) began with DIYs.

I have started to work on my toddler’s room, saved stories are on my page. She is two next week! I am hoping to get the room ready before this weekend. Will show you around if it is.

See you next week!

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