YouTubers I’m Watching Now

With less screen time, I find myself picking who to watch on YouTube now. I would hate to miss anything from Alix (I Covet Thee), Lydia Millen and Fleur (Fleur De Force) at the moment. But there’s couple new channels I subscribed to.

Peony Lim has been around for a while now and I have only recently stumbled upon her videos. I watched her makeup videos back to back and loved it.

I found Tar Mar via Instagram. I want to say Tamara but I’m not sure if that’s her name. She’s such a cool girl to watch. She’s got lots of interesting content on her channel but her Instagram stories are my favorite. Her energy And realness is refreshing.

Hannah’s Style is very me at the moment. Understated, yet put together. It would be amazing to see more vlogs from her.

Also, it’s advent calender time. I skipped it this year. Much more looking forward to Christmas Vlogs. Am I the only 32 year old who still enjoys the countdown? Any new YouTubers you are looking forward to? I’d love to know!

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