Skincare To Help With Central Heating Dryness

Generally, any barrier cream helps but they are not all the same. In the past, I have used Cicaplast by La Roche whose texture I’m not fond of now. I prefer a cream/lotion that must not look oily or tacky on skin. And these are it.

Using Lanolips Multi-cream comes with a bit of learning curve I think. It’s a lotion that dries to a matte feeling, like it isn’t even there. It seems to coat the skin invisibly, creating almost a water resistant barrier.

With a baby, I find myself washing hands after every nappy change, before and after meals, her bathtime and other obvious times. The lotion doesn’t leave smears on the screen or cling to your clothes. So I can get back to whatever I need to do quickly. Ingredient list is short and is clean enough for baby skin.

Liz Earle Superskin lip balm (Right) creates a smooth barrier with a nice mix of Shea butter and oils (Rosehip seed, Borage seed, Cranberry seed, Argan Kernal, Sunflower seed). Love how it stays on till morning. I can smell something faintly herbal but this is as good as being unscented.

Lanolips 101 Ointment (Left) also has a skin-oil like texture. There’s no mineral oil in it either. I have used up the fragrance- free version which I prefer over any of their fruity flavors. But it is still nice. Both create a skin-like film that stays on and doesn’t rub off (by drinking a glass of water or sipping coffee) easily.

Neal’s Yard Frankincense cream. The scent of myrrh is so lovely in this. I know some don’t like it, even though it’s quite subtle. I have normal skin, prone to dehydration and dry patches. It’s rich enough to hydrate without shine. I do use it like a mask on my dry patches and it should dissappear next morning if it’s skin issue -when the barrier has broken down.

I hope this helps. Do come back tomorrow for the first post of December. Happy weekend!

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