Christmas Wishlist 2018

Because we have jut bought a house, we are not buying presents for each other this year. If we did, one of these would be a real treat!

Dyson Airwrap, I imagine is on alot of people’s list. When they first launched it, I honestly thought it was the biggest waste of £400! But what really sold it to me is that you have to use it while your hair is damp. One reason some people are moving away from it. I have thick hair and it takes atleast 24 hours for it to dry naturally. I will blowdry my hair, depending on how much time/patience I have, twice a week. Next day, move on to smoothening (low heat, not straightening) it with a straightener. It’s a bit of a process. To be able to use one tool to do all that would be great.

Floral Street discovery set. I haven’t worn floral scents since I was pregnant. Byterry’s rose cream needs to be a fragrance. It’s a very grown up rose I think. Anyway, that’s what got me thinking about it and I would love to try out floral street scents, they sound delicious -Ylang Ylang Espresso? Yes, please.

Hello Fresh Subscription. After not having my own kitchen for 8 (long)months, I am ready to get back into making some proper meals without going to the shop. What’s better than having your menu picked out, 3 meals a week would be great. January is cold and I’d much rather sort the house than head out shopping under 30 layers of clothing with a baby who refuses to wear her mittens!

Sheepskin slippers. Actually, this is the only type I like. Mocassin for back support, fuzz-lined, rubber soles that are just high enough to go to the garden, hang washing and that. Last one I bought (from JL) lasted me three years and I am happy with that. Those pink ones are just right.

Anthropologie dessert plate. Anthropologie is probably my favorite shop for homeware. I have spend countless hours looking at their plates section. They are all beautifully made. I specially like the friendly face canape plates this year. Their Anais side-plates will be lovely on our future garden table, in our future garden.

Are any of these in your list? I move very soon so do apologize if there is no post in December. I will do Instagram stories, here if you’d like to see. I’d love to do a vlog style countdown to Christmas videos but can’t promise yet as our internet needs to be set up still.

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