Three Neutral Pieces I Added to the Autumn & Winter Wardrobe

It’s atleast another month till I can have all my cosy knits back from storage. Yesterday, we chose our wardrobe bits for the new house. I can’t explain how desperately I want to move in already! Given the situation, there were few gaps to fill.

Unlined Wool Coat. Somewhere between a coat and a cardigan. Easy to layer underneath it and takes less space in the bag (if you have to put it away) which makes it a perfect seasonal piece. They have couple of different colours -grey, olive, navy in three lengths. I bought the mid length (in blackcurrant) which goes just past my knees. The full length comes up till my ankle. I think the long olive coat is lovely too.

This has been great this Autumn and looks cosier with a chunky blanket scarf. It is 50 percent wool and 50 percent acrylic with a textured surface. Drapes nicely and is deciptively warm.

I have wanted a tan coat for the longest time. This one from Modern Rarity, John Lewis is a lined full length coat. It looks a tad warmer and yellow toned on the website but in real life, it is a paler tan like in picture above. That 49 percent wool shows up as a fuzzy texture Along the entire coat and belt.

This jumper from H&M, I have worn loads already. Definitely size down if you don’t like them bunching up under coats. It looks like it will disintegrate in the washing but it didn’t. I use a spray cleaner to rid of smells and spot clean until it really needs to go in the washer. Same as wool and cashmere which I think prolongs their life.

I feel like a polo neck is needed but haven’t found one I like. Also, is there a way to wear them? Specially on dark hair. I don’t particularly dislike resembling character from Addams family but I don’t think my little town is ready for that.

Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you plan to do. I’d rather be sleeping right now but got a house checklist to follow. See you next Friday!

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