Where did October go?

Last month was a whirlwind. We received a date on when we are moving and made frequent visits to various places. Carpet, appliances, wardrobes, booking moving people etc.

The weather is a shade of morbid grey which, this time around has affected me emotionally. Lighting is a situation in here and it’s best described as -dim. That has affected the quality of pictures I take. It’s a couple more weeks till I can buy some lighting equipments, if need be.

It’s been a month of great highs and lows. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and this is where a good chunk of my time went.

I spent some time reading. Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians was a fun story. It has made me miss things about Pune and the friends I had. It’s not Singapore but I see similarities, specially with food culture. Which I think is non-existant in England. I have not watched the movie yet. Also looking forward to Anna Newton’s –An Edited Life. Lazy Susan for a spice rack? (in this post) Genius! Atleast for someone who has 40 different spices.

I have recently taken up scheduling on paper. I took notes on an app and kept a paperless life for about four years but with more things to do than time and physical restraints permit, a diary seemed like a better option. It forces you to think what is really important. Haven’t quite figured it out yet. There’s a lot of information on planning and even more on jazzing it up. I would appreciate any help if you keep a planner.

To anyone who comes back here for new content. Thank you. A new post will be up next Friday. Do bear with me as I sort things out.

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