Parenting And Equipping For A Just-Turned Toddler

Hello there, I created a new category -Parenting. Although I have written about pregnancy on this blog before, I think what discontinued the topic was incapabilty of grasping the situation on time. For instance, I wrote bullet points to talk about my third trimester. I got so consummed in studying birthing processes, shopping for my hospital bag, moses basket, prams and classes. Nothing made sense when I finally got the time to properly think about it. I really wanted to write about my experience with Gestational Diabetes and diet that went with it. I have yet to do get a final test done before I pen down my experience.

My daughter is now past 1.5 year and things are different to when she was a baby. There are few nicely written lists out there for the first year -what nappies, toys, carier, food etc but I feel like there’s quite a gap between the sort of Infant to toddler stage. I have written about some products that has helped me more than I anticipated.

Backpack. I didn’t buy a nappy bag. There was no point because I didn’t need much for the baby when we were out. Also, Milton Keynes is well-equipped with changing rooms and baby foods. I chose a fairly large pouch that took me through the infant stage. Now that she is a toddler, I need even lesser. What I do need though are my hands free. Because if you didn’t know, in England, travelling by bus with a pram/stroller can be tricky in peak hours. You are expected to fold the baby carrier to make space and also not block the walkway.

Tiba & Marl Elwood Changing Rucksack at Selfridges. Love the white snake-embossed one as well. A descriptive of this bag is here.

I found this very useful in playgrounds and swimming pools. As you can’t take a buggy everywhere. The swimming pool we went to was a 5 min walk (where I carry her) from parking to building, then a couple flight of stairs down, then another 5 min walk to the swimming area. Waaaay easier when your hands are free!

Light Stroller. The whole pram, stroller thing was probably the most confusing thing to buy for me. Information age and all, can make you think you need the best shit out there. Somehow I ended up with three! And the one I use the most is this teeny weeny (£20) chair on wheels. Which mum bought as she couldn’t use other prams with ease. It’s really basic and great for short distances. Say to the park or a quick Waitrose run. You can’t hang anything on the handles, weight will make it tip backwards. It’s small frame is easy to navigate through narrow footpaths. Mine doesn’t have a sun Shader, which was definitely a downside in summer. It’s incredibly light and I am considering taking this to travel to India next year.

I feel a bit silly including this little thing but it has improved the quality of my sleep so much that I can’t not share it. Earplugs. Specifically, Mack’s slim fit for small ears. Also, there’s a way to use these which I learnt only after reading the instructions! You have roll and squish it in your palms to make it thinner and then roll (not push) it in your ears. Then hold for a couple of seconds till the foam has regained it’s shape and that will create a sound-proof block. I have stuck to these for a solid year after trying those mouldable ones. It’s less faffy when every minute counts! Other than for power naps, I use it when working too. It helps me focus when I have lot to do while the baby naps.

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