Tiba & Marl Elwood Backpack

This has been such a wonderful travel bag. It’s meant to be a nappy changing bag because it has compartments and an insulated pocket. You can definitely use it as a regular bag. I chose a black faux leather with gunmetal zippers. They have few other choices on the website. I bought it from Selfridges.

The bag is quite large in size. It measures 43 cm in height and the base is 13.5 cm deep excluding the pockets. There are three main compartments. A small pocket in the front is good enough for tickets, passes, change, phone, headphones etc. The second compartment is a bigger pocket which has two pockets inside. One of them is insulated. The biggest compartment has a laptop compartment facing the back, which is lightly padded.

It also came with a little changing mat, that I didn’t use. And a crossbody bag that I found handy. Crossbody bag measures 28.5 cm in width and 18.5 cm in height, with adjustable and detachable strap. Hardware is the same, except the zipper is smaller and smoother.

I’d like to point out that the bag itself is not light. It’s lined and has sturdy big zippers so that adds a bit of weight. The zips are not smooth which to me is a safety feature rather than annoyance. If someone’s fiddling with your bag when wearing it, you’ll know.

The base is rigid so it holds its shape well. I received the bag in quite a state, crumbled and squished but it forms into shape easily.

Overall, it’s comfortable to wear and well constructed. I wouldn’t pack it to the fullest if I plan to wear it all day… Not great for the back! Although the wide straps are lightly padded and moulds on to your shoulders nicely, doesn’t dig in. I love that they have kept the logos subtle, they are all black which blends in.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and the product is bought by me with my own money. And as much as I would have liked, nobody has paid me for my opinions of this bag.

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