Hayfever And Surviving Heatwave

My mind at the moment is all over the place. There’s a million things happening and at any given point I feel like I should be doing something. Anything! Boil those carrots, order butt wipes and eyedrops. I am frankly, done with summer. There’s no more picnics that will make this better. Because, Hayfever.

On my last update I mentioned I was moving house and I’m still in the process but I am currently living temporarily in a small-ish countryside town. While the town is beautiful, the pollens have decided to invade my face. My eyes get itchy and worse when out. I recently got the generic Boots eyedrops that help and found that doing that at the start of the day along with the (non-drowsy) allergy-relief tablets sets the day.

I am not a summer person at all. I need to stay cool to stay focussed on work. These little USB fans are a life-saver. You can prop them up on shelves, away from babies and store them away easily. I have two of these powerbanks that power the fans throughout the day.

On more fancier side of things. Caudalie Beauty Elixir has a minty effect on skin along with some extracts that does sets it apart from water sprays. I loved taking this to the park even though it’s in a glass bottle and quite heavy. I carry a backpack that have cushiony insulated slots that I don’t need for bottles anymore. So that works for me!

I saw these Raybans on Kate Ogata and just had to have them. Although I’m nowhere as cool as her, I think these glasses suit my face and keeps the wind and some of the pollen out. Also, I am loving Alix’s content recently. She looks bomb in her Hexagon Raybans here.

I could go on with Linen tshirts and cropped pants with buttery soft sandals but that’s a given. What I should point out if you haven’t tried them already are the tshirts from Hush are some of the best I have found. I bought two last year (out of stock now) and they look good as new this year so I added two more summer tshirts.

  1. Pink Tshirt
  2. Navy Cest Si Bon Tshirt

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