Dr. Sam Bunting’s Flawless Cleanser | Review

Have I ever had a checkout process so quick? With Apple pay -probably under 10 seconds! Not sponsored, merely pointing out something that I think does contribute towards the whole experience of attaining any product. On the other hand, I didn’t receive it quickly. It was well over a week.

Packaging is a simple pump action which locks when turned left. The cleanser itself is a lovely firm gel, unscented that doesn’t drip. It’s crystal clear just like in the picture on her website. The closest thing I have used that felt like this was No.7 Melting Gel Cleanser from Boots. Although I recall no memory of how it actually performed on my skin. Overtime I found cream cleansers work best for me and haven’t steered away from Liz Earle C&P in about two years. I love the slippy texture of this gel, perfect to massage it in. It melts everything off in couple of seconds. Everything but water-resistant products. I reapply sunscreens throughout the day and then some tinted moisturiser before washing it off at evening. It removes them easily even without a muslin cloth.

I’ll be real. I haven’t broken out in a while and I felt an under the skin bump the next morning after using it. Can bumps form that quickly? Was it the scone? Heatwave? I don’t know. By next day, it was a painful bump and it wasn’t alone. I went back to my C&P. Conclusion isn’t that it’s a bad cleanser. It leaves the skin feels squeaky clean and tight after. I have normal skin bordering dehydrated. So it’s not the right one for me. At the moment it’s only available online at £16 (200ml) on Sam’s website.

I started using it again BUT use use a second cleanser after. This worked for me. I do like that I can use this in the shower which you can’t really do with C&P. So I will remove majority of the face products with flawless cleanser -rinse with water and then go over with Liz Earle C&P and a muslin. This way my skin doesn’t feel tight after either. It’s nice to have the ease of a wash-off cleanser but I am not sure I will miss it when empty.

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