Five Highlights From March

One. The moving process is in motion. I can’t believe this is finally happening! We are going to be homeowners. At the moment, we don’t have a date and there are alot of boxes in my kitchen waiting to be shifted in storage. I just wanted to share this little news because it is very exciting for me. This also opens up a whole new topic to explore and write about.

Two. I don’t share the fitness side of me here. During pregnancy and after, I found it hard to get back into an exercise routine. It is not the physical challenge so much as making time for it. Being a mum is a full time job! Now that my daughter is one, it’s starting to get bit easier.

I started using the app called Sworkit, which has loads of routines set up for you to do at home. You can set a timer. So I started with 15mins, 5days a week. Then increased it to 30mins. I use the app (in picture) so I can prop the phone on a table or a park bench and just go for it. There are many pre-designed workouts in the app. I am going to complete the “6 weeks of confidence” series next week..yay!

Three. I got my first Lash Lift done. It is a long process but bloody well worth it! It really changed my relationship with mascaras. I have used eyelash curlers for years and pretty much everyday. I have typical Asian lashes.. Straight and even with curlers and curling mascara they droop down as the day passes. I posted before and after videos on Instagram stories. I do want to get them regularly but I don’t know if I have the patience to sit through it again! It was a fun experience, definitely get it done (from someone qualified) if you are thinking about it.

Four. Banana bread has become my (and the baby’s) go to breakfast. I am using this recipe from Jamie Oliver. It has no refined sugars and you can add in whatever you like. I like adding Cacao nibs and Walnuts or Hazelnuts. This recipe has some bad feedback but so far, it has not failed me. Infact, It’s quite flexible. I don’t follow the measurements a hundred percent -still come out pretty good.

Five. Alexa from Amazon has been so great to have. It was quite intimidating at start to set it up with my accounts and such. But once it was done, I was all about it. I log tasks and lists, that it saves on my phone. I play lullabies for my daughter, ask for weather and traffic before I head out, play music or podcasts. I know you can do all this with your phone but It’s been so nice to be handsfree as I am feeding my daughter or she is asleep on me. I can write about my favorite apps to use with Alexa, if you like? I have had time to play around with it so let me know!

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