Stepping into the Nude Lip Territory

Believe it or not the nude lip trend was a little too adventurous for me. But now that I think about it, it’s so much easier to wear than a pink or red. Because it doesn’t stand out! I see the appeal, people.

I first bought Rosie for Autograph (Marks& Spencer) Lipshine in “Vintage Bouquet” to try out the colour. It is in the bottom-right corner of the picture. I wore it all the time.. till it reduced to a stub. An indication, surely! This particular lipstick is a medium coverage rosey brown with a slight luster, which sums up the shine in lipshine. Not glossy but it looks moisturised and juicy. It has that fake cakey-vanilla scent that I don’t dislike really. The sheerness of it makes it easier to wear because you can layer up just where you need it and I love how it evens out my lip. Overall, pleased with the purchase

After this, my collection built up pretty quickly. I believe my next ones were the famous shade “Pillow Talk” by Charlotte Tilbury. I bought the liner and the lipstick. This was my first CT lipstick too. The texture is bloody gorgeous! For whatever reason, this colour seems to shift tones on me. On my arm, it’s a neutral pink toned brown but on the lips, at daytime it pulls tad cool-toned pink. I wear this at evenings now, but I do really like it. The packaging is so pretty and luxe.

I mentioned Clarins Lip Perfector in “Rosewood” in a previous post. A beautiful shade of brown. It’s creamy sheer goodness is better as a quick top-up to keep things moisturised with a bit of colour.

This purchase was enabled by The Beauty Lookbook. It is (left in picture) Nars Velvet Lip Glide in the shade “Bound” which is the most gorgeous mauvey nude I have seen. In the picture, you can’t see the mauvey undertone, but that’s natural lighting for you. It may look a bit cool-toned on some, but on me it seems to work. I love the formula, it’s such a perfect liquid texture. It is not drying at all. I got tons of wear out of this. I would love to have a backup of this but it seems to be sold out everywhere!

Clinique pop splash lip colours are a medium sheerness. Some sheerer than others, depending on your natural colour. These feel balmy and they go on very smooth with slight stickiness. You can definitely feel them on your lips, same as Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour balm. In the picture I have the shade “Latte Pop” which I Instagrammed here. This shade is a true mid-tone brown on me. In swatches below you will see a hint of peachy Undertone. I debated between this and the shade “Sorbet Pop” which is very similar with flecks of subtle glitter. They look identical under the shop lights! It’s a great everyday colour. I like the quirky packaging of the entire Marimekko collection. Shame only part of the collection seems to be in UK stores. The compact would have defnitely made it on my shelf.

Swatches L-R: Clinique X Marimekko in Latte Pop, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner, Pillow Talk Lipstick, Nars velvet lip glide in Bound, Rosie for Autograph in Vintage Bouquet.

I post my face on Insta-stories pretty often. Listing everything that I am wearing. And thank you for those three that watch me haha.. I would love to know what your current go-to lip do is? Even better if you can leave me your instagram handles! Mine is @Afretch.

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