The Ordinary Company Skincare Roundup

The Ordinary Company has laid out their product descriptions really well. There’s a lot of confusion around.. Check out their regime guide if you are too. I found it easy to build a routine based on the chart and reading. I tried 6 skincare products from their line.

The very first one I bought was the Alpha Arbutin 2% HA in around Septemper/October to help with winter skin. The texture is gel-like, light with a quick dry-down. If you have used Hyluronic acids, this feels just like it. Kind of non-existent. I didn’t repurchase because my skin still felt dry and thirsty. I am guessing this wasn’t right for my (normal to dry) skin type. By the end of the bottle, I just didn’t feel like I needed it in my routine. I also went through a bottle of  Hylamide, which is a hydration booster from Deceim. To sum it up, these new age hydrators and my skin don’t get along.

Post pregnancy, I had uneven pigmentation around my neck. Lactic Acid is deemed safe during breast-feeding, So I bought the milder lactic acid of the two they offer. I don’t have the bottle anymore, because I forgot to store it in my empties bag! To the result first, it didn’t work for me. I saw absolutely no change.I did stick till the end of the bottle and considered buying 10% version but you know what, I was determined to rid those scars so I went back to my trusties. About the texture, it is very light and dries quickly. None of their products have scents but they do come with their own natural smell. Even with a sensitive nose, I didn’t find them obtrusive after the first couple seconds.

On the same purchase, I bought the Vitamin C Suspension to use at daytime. I have alot to say about this one. Again, I did read everything there is to read about it. Nobody said it was so messy to use. It is very oily. Not hydrating. Oily. It took no less than an hour to “sink in” so I could put some moisturiser or sunscreen on. On a positive note, I felt that tingle, it was great. If you don’t know what I’m on about, the tingle (which is quite mild, lasts for maybe a minute) basically means it’s working. I could write another paragraph on how I feel about spreading something gritty, sandpaper like on my face. Which is exactly how it is, not pleasant at all. Given everything I dislike about it, it actually worked. It’s a fiver! I found the best time to use it is at night, the day before I have to wash my hair ideally.

Another one I liked using was the Natural Moisturising Factors which is a basic moisturiser. It is again, very light and great to mix in with other acids to reduce their strength. I wouldn’t use it on it’s own if you have dry skin, not hydrating enough. It has no scent, colour or added benefits. At the moment I use it after Sarah Chapman’s Overnight facial. Think they make a good uncomplicated duo.

This tube packaging might be practical but I found it difficult to get into the last couple uses. The lids seem like they might break off.  The glass bottles are sturdier. Overall, their brand aesthetic is clean and informative.

Rosehip Oil my favorite amongst everything I have tried. Now, it does have it’s natural smell, bit like fried fat which is a bit sickly to me. It’s such a lovely consistency though. The oil feels cocooning in a way and dries down to moisturised surface and there is no transfer. I use this very often on my hands and cuticles. Do mind the amount though, I need two drops on each hand. I have noticed a smoothening effect using it. This is no doubt a repurchase for me!

Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane is my latest purchase. I have been on and off it last couple of months. Mainly because it is very oily in texture, I don’t like the clogging feel of it as it stays atop. When I first tried it a bit on my arm, it went on really well, but somehow that wasn’t the case on my face. It doesn’t seem to ever dry-down and I don’t like that even if it’s before bedtime. It has made a little difference so far and I’ll probably finish the bottle. I can’t imagine someone without dry skin getting along with it. This stuff is grease-ball territory.

I would love to try their foundations next. But I’m really interested to see what their “watercolour” range has to offer too. Have you used any products from The Ordinary Company? Did they work for you?

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