October 2017 Favorites

Eyeko Lash Alert -£19.50

I love the formula of this mascara. It gives me exactly what I need. The most important thing being holding that curl. I haven’t found any mascara that can curl my lashes without help of a curling tool. But most will weigh lashes down or flake in couple of hours. This one doesn’t curl lashes on its own but once it’s on, it stays. The formula is black and it coats evenly. All mascaras should come in a squeezy tube I think. It enables you to move the product around. I am not a fan of thick spidery lashes atm. I am looking for length and staying power. This gives me just that, it’s perfect.

The Ordinary Moisturizer -£4.90

My skin has normalized in the past couple months. Heavier creams do feel a bit uncomfortably slick. This Deceim offering gives my skin the perfect amount of hydration. It mixes well with, over pretty much anything. It is unscented. I have tried a couple things from the brand, they are great. On exception of the Vitamin C Suspension. Did not enjoy using that one. I can start using retinols soon, Granactive in on my list.

Mama Mio Visible Stretch Mark Minimizer -£45

Stretch marks run in my family, everyone has it so I knew I was going to have some. I am not revolted by my stretch marks but when I first saw them while shopping for pants in my fourth trimester, I was taken back a bit. It was overnight I think, purple red lines that looked like it should hurt. During my pregnancy I used Bio oil at evening and Clarins Moisturizer at daytime. After discovering my stretch marks, I switched to Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer twice everyday. I finished the cream, didn’t seem to have an effect. Two or three months after birth, I decided to try Mama Mio. At this point my marks werent as purple but red lines. In about two weeks I noticed a massive reduction. My lines were shorter and narrower. I am still using it, it’s faded but still visible. On their website they have stated this cream helps reduce VISISBLE marks and it does. You only need to paint it on the stretch marks so I will use it till it runs out. I am not sure this will rid of all. In time, I’ll do an empties post.

Jamie Oliver Five Ingredients book -£11

If you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet, this is really nice. Simple to make and uncomplicated. The flatbreads especially are so easy to put together -two ingredients.

Kind Natured body washes -£4.99

SLS free body washes that smell nice, under a tenner are hard to find. Everything in the kind natured range smells amazing. They are not overly scented. Amber and pink pepper is lovely too.

NARS Pure Tinted Moisturizer -£29.50

Since my skin has been normal with almost no scarring at the moment, I switched to a tinted formula. Found this slightly glowy, but the coverage is nice. It evens out my skin without looking heavy. I buff it with a powder after.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 -£22

If the “Ultra” in here means ultra hydrating , it really is. Infact the density made me wonder if it will roll into clumps if re-applied. It did not but I found it a bit too dewy, if you re-apply it every 2-3 hours like a sunscreen. I am not sure if this is an all-round weather winner but I’m enjoying it at the moment.

I have accumulated a pretty big list so far this year, but I’ll stop now since these are the ones that came first off the top of my head. I’m hoping to have a nice quite evening now. Hope you guys had a lovely day.

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