3 Standouts from Balance Me

Balance Me is relatively a new player in the skincare scene. It’s offering is natural ingredient based and I’m pleasantly surprised how effective it is. Since last Chritmas, I have picked up few things from them and these three are the stars.

20160913141640_img_0485.jpgCLEANSE & SMOOTH FACE BALM (£20) is for one who enjoys double cleansing. This balm leans towards an oily texture and melts on skin very easily. I kept it close to the shower and found that majority of it turned into liquid. Best place to store it is somewhere cool. Anywhere away from direct heat. It solidifies quickly too.

The slightly granular oatmeal bits mixed in is not rough at all. If the oil starts melting, they seperate from oaty bits. So storing it correctly is important here. I wish it came in a tub actually, think it would be slight easier to use. The texture has just enough grit to manually exfoliate those dry patches yet not irritate sensitive skin. This makes it perfect pre-mask. Most of their products have a minty/eucalyptus scent to them, so be wary if you are not keen on this particular smell.

It doesn’t take makeup off easily – mascara in particular. Although the granules don’t irritate the eye area, I found it didn’t dissolve the mascara completely. I don’t like tugging at my already sparse lashes. I do use a waterproof one! It works better as a second cleanse. Ones who get dry patches and windburn easily when temperature drops, will enjoy this.

20160913141735_img_0486.jpgCONGESTED SKIN SERUM (£16) is a savior for those with temperamental skin. If  you are dry, breaking out and oily in the same day, this will bring relief. I have gone through quite a few bottles of these 15ml serums. The scent is strongly Ecalyptus. I should also mention that, on the packaging it says to use it as a spot treatment but I have ignored that and used it all over. It helps eliminate those tiny little bumps, white heads that appear when my skin is congested. I am quite amazed how quickly it works too.

Pixi glow tonic, like most other glycolic treatments don’t work well with my skin. Broke me out instantly. The serum calmed things down in two freakin days! This one is my favorite from the bunch.

20160913141857_img_0487.jpgRADIANCE FACE OIL (£30) smells minty without any tingling. It is one of those oils that takes a while to sink in. I amp up my body lotions by mixing in a few drops. Also works well mixed in with facial serums. I think this will be perfect on it’s own as Autumn passes. It does leaves an obvious glow as it takes few minutes to settle in.

I found that I didn’t have to use this consistently but rather when I need it. Which makes me think it’s working!

If you do try any of these, best place to buy it from is LookFantastic.com, they have discount codes quite often so you can always get them 10-20% less than it’s retail price. I’m not sure how important this is but going to put it out there anyway. This and none of my ramblings in the past three years have not been sponsored or anything gifted to me. I use this space almost as a diary and intend to keep it that way. If anything ever changes I will put a disclaimer.

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