Chanel Nail Gloss in Rouge Radical

Lucia Pica’s Le Rouge Le Collection No.1 is gorgeous. Apart from the lipsticks, everything seem to be quite special. The eyeshadow quad everyone is going gaga over is beautiful. That shade of red eyeshadow actually looks wearable. What really caught my eye was the nail gloss though.

Chanel Nail Gloss Rouge Radical

Dior did a pink version last year, I didn’t find that one was worth the price. Dupes poped up soon after. The Chanel offering is I think, quite unique. It’s a thick jelly consistency that coats evenly on nails. Drying time is few seconds but unfortunately staying power isn’t great. Mine started chipping on day 3, possibly day 2.5. These things matter when it costs £18. The way it is supposed to be used I think is as a topcoat to lenthen your red mani. I like it on its own. Two coats give you good coverage, almost opaque. You’d have to look very close to see white of nails through. It dries down and stays shiny. I found it dulled down after couple of days, only slightly.

rouge radical chanel

The colour is a bright tomato red. It will change in tone depending on what you paint underneath. For the colour and finish, love it! Have you picked up anything from this collection?

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