Five Makeup Hits And Misses

Hope you are all well. My drawers are quickly filling up and there’s so much I need to let go. I tend to get emotionally attached to certain products and hoard them till I’m ready to let go. Summing up today some things that changed the game for me and some game-changers that didn’t work well.

Bobbi Brown Skin Intensive Serum FoundationBobbi Brown Serum Foundation. I was so excited to try this out. Earlier review here. The product is housed in a pipette and heavy glass bottle. Bottle looks lovely but its designed in a way that makes it quite difficult to keep clean, pipette spews out foundation everytime I close it. The foundation is quite moisture-intense like the name suggests and would be amazing on dry/dehydrated skin -like mine. However, it feels far to oily to sink in or dry out over skin, which is quite important for a foundation. Otherwise, it stays on top and doesn’t really blend into skin. Which is what happened here. It has absolutely no staying power and comes off with a light wipe. Lady at counter suggested powdering down but I thought the final finish still didn’t look right and I don’t want to buy another powder just so I can use this foundation. This turned out to be an expensive miss, also why I didn’t bother with their Skin Serum Concealer. BB is know for catering a wider shade range, I am not a fan. I haven’t yet found a foundation in her line that suits my complexion and it is definitely missing some mid-tan shades. I was matched to the wrong shade the first time and the second time I found that it oxidizes to about two shades darker on me.

Estee Lauder Stay-in-place Foundation. Foundation purchases are not an often splurge for me. Few have the formulation I look for. Full coverage, right tone, matte or nearly matte finish but one that doesn’t dry my skin out. Shade ranges -that’s a whole different monster. Estee Lauder’s SIP is it. I don’t bother with skin tints, bb creams, etc. This one covers most discolouration yet light enough to sheer out. If any of you are struggling to cover acne scarring or similar problem area, let a light layer of foundation dry out slightly (5 seconds is good) over skin and then buff out the edges. Works every time!

Daniel Sandler water colour blushesDaniel Sandler Water Blushers. These are beautiful on their own -light, not too pigmented, some have nice sheen, great for blush beginners. I don’t find they sit well over my foundation, sunscreen, just plain moisturised face. Why? Maybe it is meant to be used over water based bases. They swatch nicely on my bare hands. There’s nothing wrong with the formulation of this product, but if it’s just not going to work with other products I own. Hence, it just sits at the back of my drawer. In pic above L-R is Chic, Angel, Truth.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. I was in love with this tinted moisturiser last year. It seems to have have changed texture although it looks and feels the same. It has not expired yet. I’m not sure why it is settling in patches over skin this time. If you move it at all after it dries, it curdles up in little balls which makes it impossible to layer or re-apply as I used it mainly for it’s SPF. I only used it in summer which puts me in a pickle as I don’t know when exactly it went off.

sun dipped paletteAnastasia Sun Dipped Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. I bought the Sun Dipped palette -gorgeous little thing! Pictures around the web can have you thinking like wow that is way too much highlight and unwearable. I didn’t think some shades would work everyday but they certainly do. The trick is in using the right brush. If you want a light hint of reflection, use your softest fluffiest tapered brush. It doesn’t have to be great quality or have densely packed bristles. A fan brush is excellent too. Basically anything with a narrow surface area works. I have a proper review coming up for this one next week!

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