Sharing my First Trimester Experience

I am just over 18 weeks pregnant now and making this post to talk about those not-so-critical questions. I am talking about why those gingernuts didn’t help and what actually did!

Nausea: This was the toughest part of the whole experience for me. I threw up everything. Even tea. Yeah, not great at all. What helped was eating a controlled portion of food several times a day. I make a large batch of salad, rice, soup etc enough for a day or two and eat in small portions when I get hungry or pack them if needed. I found eating this way reduced discomfort. I quit tea and anything with caffeine. Keeping a stash of good quality snacks is a good idea, but turned out to be quite expensive for how long they lasted. I found myself reaching for them too often. Some of my favorites are from the Protein Ball Company in peanut butter. Holland and Barrett is a good place to pick up some travel-size snacks.

I found foods generally high in carbs comforting. Potatoes – I usually make chunky chips in an air fryer or a quick potato salad at home. If pressed for time it was a packet of Mc Coys or Lentil Soup from Marks and Spencer. A tub is three meals for me. White Basmati rice was a regular too, I found the quickest way to make it by Jamie Oliver here – takes 8 minutes!

Drink as much as you can. Green tea is great. I grabbed a Teavana Iced Peach Green Tea from Starbucks throughout summer… so good!

I developed a higher sense of smell -anything fried, sweat stink, smell of body lotions, would make me sick immediately. I even started to dislike my usual perfumes. This is especially annoying in public places where sometimes things like that were just unavoidable. This little roll-on from Aromatherapy Associates in support equilibrium helped. There are tons of others in the kit. If you don’t want to spend too much, you could try to get a sample from Naturisimo. I put on a teeny bit on my wrist or neck. I only reached for it during the first four months. Not as often now. The dinky 10ml roll-on will last me probably throughout the pregnancy. You could use whatever in hand but if in doubt, AA stuff is strong enough to block most smells.

Cravings: I didn’t really have cravings in my first trimester. Think my focus was more on foods that made me feel better. I reached for flavoursome, comforting and wholesome foods. I did however start to dislike certain foods -mushrooms, cheese, goujons, breaded chicken, canned anything.

Exhaustion: 10 min walk to the shop felt same as running a marathon. I felt absolutely knackered. What helped – the vitamins. I am using the regular Pregnacare tablets. It didn’t change things immediately but took maybe about 3-5 days. I don’t still feel “normal” energy-wise but definitely better. Talk to your doctor about it. They gave me Stemetil tablets, which reduces the sensation of throwing up and dizziness. There is not much you can do if you feel tired, other than getting plenty of rest. It gets better as your body adjusts.

If you do have to get stuff done, trying making a playlist of music that pumps you up. Some from my list below.

  1. Alone by Marshmello
  2. Look at you by Dexter Bradon

Clothing: I didn’t gain much weight during the first three months so I kept wearing my usual clothes. At the end of fourth month, maybe start of fifth month I think is when I started feeling uncomfortable around my boobs and stomach. I live in workout clothes but I can’t wear the same ones much longer. Wardrobe changes need to happen soon. I have made few purchases, will write about them in my second trimester post.

pregnant bloggers

Inspiration: Some lovely pregnant people over the internet.

  1. The Uphill by Ruth Crilly. Ruth is beautiful and her style of writing might have you giggling every now and then. Her pregnancy logs starts at week 19.
  2. Samantha Maria on You Tube shared her first trimester story few weeks ago.
  3. Olivia’s Instagram Corporate Catwalk has some lovely outfit inspiration. She is just over 22 weeks today.

And you can follow my journey on INSTAGRAM too.

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