Need To Cool Down This Summer | Skincare

Thankfully, the sudden heatwave here has ended. My skin changed completely last few months. From dehydrated to normal with bouts of greasiness midday (like that clogged and hot face feeling) but not quite. I could not stand any moisturising creams and here’s my skin-robe update..

Ultrabland, Ren Cleansing Gel, Lancome Douceur

Cleanser: Although my go-to cleanser still is Ultrabland from Lush, It felt bit too cloggy this summer. I opted for Ren Cleansing Gel, which was exactly what i needed. Overtime, it did feel like it was slightly too drying which is why I alternated with Ultrabland. The gel smells lovely with a rose-floral-fresh scent and gets every bit of grime and oil off. It is meant for all skin types but I’d stay away if I had any dry patches going on.

Toner: I am not very loyal to toners, I don’t feel like I need it but when it’s hot, a soaked cotton pad feels very soothing. I have been using Lancome’s Tonique Douceur (or softening hydrating toner) which is alcohol-free and feels great as it cools things down. Wish it came in a spray bottle actually!

Alpha-H Pixi Lancome Skyn20160718153609_img_0363.jpgSkyn Icelandic Relief Pen, Pixi Hydrating Mist

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist comes in a spray bottle. This stuff runs out way too quickly! To be fair, I carry it everywhere with me. If they had a version with sunscreen in it, I’d be the first one in line. It’s a lovely little refresher, doesn’t disturb my makeup either. It smells like it says on the bottle -oats and milk..delish!

Serum: is vital to me right now. It acts as a mosituriser because I haven’t really replaced my cream. I love Lancome’s Genefique, I have been using it throughout my life on and off and don’t see a reason to change it. I did at start started double seruming with Avene’s hydrating serum but that ran out and haven’t re-purchased it. I am going to just wait till summer ends and I’m sure my skin will have moved to drier territory.

Eye cream: I did however felt that serum wasn’t enough for my dry as always eye area and picked up Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Pen during a quick marks and sparks run. It is very light moisture-wise. Cooling on skin if you can fan it out a bit. I think most gel creams would have a similar effect. This in particular is small, shaped like a pen making it easy to lug around. It sinks in quite quickly (whether that is good or bad aside), I like that I don’t have to wait for it to dry. It is definitely a summer staple for me, might venture out for some other similar ones, any you like?

Sunscreen: When it’s 30 degrees+ it is time to slather on my highest spf, which is Alpha-H’s Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+. Sorry, mine looks quite grubby, I don’t know where I lost the cap. I have talked about this before, probably last summer. It’s perfect for my skin type and a little gives you good coverage. This one is on the hydrating side, which is great since I have skipped a proper moisturiser pretty much completely past few weeks.

By the way, here’s a little tip I discovered. You know when your hands get all too moisturised and tacky? Say after applying handcream or SPF, rub some hand santizer just on your palms and it will take away that tacky-ness without drying it much. My favorite one is the Carex Sensitive from Boots -£1!



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