July Favorites

It’s been a while since I put up a favorites post. These little things have made my everyday a little easier, brighter and I have to tell you. Let’s start with the most exciting one for me –

20160709141606_img_0346.jpgHourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette. It isn’t at all what I expected, even after reading dozens of gushy reviews. All six powders are perfect, might I add especially for a makeup novice. I love how you can control the saturation of each colour. You can put on and take off colour quite easily. I have worn the bronzer (Luminous bronze light) nearly everyday along with Dim light to set. I noticed the bronzer tends to dissapear on me after couple of hours. It really depends on what I have been doing that day. I do carry this around and find the big mirror easy to touch up with.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist smells straight up like oats and milk (like it!), feels cooling on skin. Past week has been so hot here in England that my skin felt constantly parched and hot. I hoped it would be a teeny bit more hydrating than it turned out to be. The mist is very fine and sprays the perfect amount each time. I don’t use it during my skincare routine but find it helpful during hot afternoons. It offers little hydration, nothing to ruin your makeup and cools down skin temporarily. Definitely a summer thing for me. I am going through this faster than I should too and will probably last me another month at this rate.

20160604102836_img_0326.jpgMac Tendertalk lipbalm is one of those colour changing lip balms. This one is nearly the same as Dior’s addict lip glow. If you couldn’t get your hands on Dior’s Lilac shade of those balms, MAC’s one in Side Dish is as good. MAC smells like vanilla, love it! I have been using them pretty much everyday everytime and not surprisingly, a bullet won’t last long. These are priced at £15.50, not too bad I think.

20160729_181958.png20160712174630_img_0353.jpgTend Skin in the mega 472ml size. This is actually my second bottle. I will probably keep buying this for the rest of my life. My legs don’t exfoliate as naturally as say my arms do, so I need a bit of extra help. I get ingrown hairs quite easily if I don’t exfoliate and sometimes I just don’t want to bother with it and this is where Tend Skin comes in. Soak a cotton pad in it and swipe over areas on clean skin. It’s easy, it works.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream has no sparkles in it. It’s blue, minty and very cooling on skin. It’s in a sort of clay and cream base so you can control the abrassiveness by keeping it dry or adding water. It doesn’t have oils in it. The beads in it are quite dense and little goes a long way.

20160712175054_img_0357.jpg20160712175212_img_0358.jpgVaseline Aloe Spray Moisturiser is another cooling spray for your body. There’s nothing much to say here. It gives a light layer of hydrationg, spreads quickly. The nozzle is nice until it gets clogged. Does not feel greasy and is a perfect base under leg-makeup. Which is next!

Vita Liberata Body Blur has an amazing texture. It spreads so nicely and the sheen is incredible. I make it last longer and smudge-proof by using a make-up setting spray on top. There is one thing I found a bit dissapointing -the colour. It come in one colour 001 Latte. This is quite dark. If you like to layer this to hide scars, it’s going to looks a bit strange. Latte is already 5 shades darker than my natural skin. While a sheer one or two layers seems to works fine, I didn’t find it that good at covering scars on it’s own. If colour is not a problem, this stuff is beautiful. The shimmer in it is something you notice when you are very close to it. This is what creates that blurring effect.


4 thoughts on “July Favorites

  1. So I’m curious Paro, does the Hourglass palette get messy? It’s absolutely beautiful but I can’t help but wonder if the powders blur into each other after some use?

    1. The pods are quite close to each other in the palette but mine isn’t messy. I am more of a light swirl and dabber so there’s no mixing so far. Maybe because of the brush I’m using too, it just “sticks” to the bristles, dome shaped from Morphe. Hope this helps xx

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