Olaplex No.3

This has been going around as a miracle product of sort. No.3 is the at home version. No.1 and No.2 are to be used in salons during dying process. It connects sulphur hydrogen bonds permanently. Permanently is the word that got me saying no, no it doesn’t and I can prove it.I won’t keep you hanging too long. As soon as I ordered this, I wondered if this is same as Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer ?
Although marketed in a similar way, they are not the same. You are not to use Elasticizer three days before or after. Where with Olaplex, it doesn’t matter. They both have a similar feel – fluid and cushiony as you wash it out.

I wondered if it will work on dark hair as well as it does on light hair. It made a noticeable difference, actually. It smoothened out my strands in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. My hair is frizzy and weakened  from colouring and using heated tools. I keep my hair quite dark so there’s not much bleach in there but it does have a drying effect. I have naturally wavy hair which resembles a bird nest in some places and makes it hard to go without products or tools. I also have a lot of volume, not same as thick hair.

I shampooed, waited till my hair was not dripping wet and wacked on about five tablespoon of Olaplex -root to end, left it overnight (10 hours precisely) and washed it out. Shampooed and conditioned. Done! I let my hair air-dry and the aftermath was quite satisfying. My hair didn’t feel norished or look shinier but it was less frizzy. In general, hair still felt weak and broke easily. Everything seems the same except my strands are smoother. That’s not bad after one use. After a week of regular shampooing, effects seems to have stayed.

I haven’t quite reached that stage when I can say my hair is as good as it was but it definitely takes down a good chunk of damage. It is available on Amazon -£19.

3 thoughts on “Olaplex No.3

  1. I only just saw this at my local salon yesterday and was wondering what it was. So it’s a treatment? And it takes away frizziness? Have you tried to salon version and is it any different? Paro, you’ve piqued my curiosity especially because I reckon we have a similar hair type . . . .

    1. It is a treatment that smoothens hair out permanently. I haven’t tried the salon version yet but all the reviews I have read so far makes me want to try it.

      I’m glad you found this useful x

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