Lancome Advanced Genefique Serum

Genefique has been go to serum when my skin feels confused. It’s dry, oily, congested and dull at the same time. I have used this on and off for about 4 years and has never let me down. It seems to do a bit of everything. I will say reducing scars and even out tone is top of its list.

The texture is a typical light serum, unscented and leaves skin free of tightness immediately. It takes off dry patches in few uses, about 3-4 days used twice each day. If the lightest chemical exfoliant leaves you red faced, this one is something to consider. Anything over the top goes on like a dream.

What it doesn’t do however is reduce appearance of large pores or smoothen them. Same as deep set wrinkles – laugh lines for me! Its not that it is not working, but the change is not dramatic. It is £59 for 30 ml and £89 for 100 ml.

There was a gift with purchase offer going on when I purchased it. I got quite a large sample set with this, along with an adorable travel size Genefique. Let’s say my skincare needs are covered for the next two months. The hydrazen moisturizers are beautifu and I am looking forward to purchasing the full size.

5 thoughts on “Lancome Advanced Genefique Serum

  1. It sounds like a great moisturiser but I’m not sure it does much else – do you reckon it’s worth the price tag? Surely there are other serums that can deliver similar results at a lower price point? Looking forward to seeing how you go with the Hydrazen 🙂

    1. I can’t use any chemical exfoliants or retinol at the moment, and haven’t found any serum that will reduce scars without drying them. So it’s worth the money that way for me. It’s not quite a technologically advanced one but still works 🙂

      I have used the Hydrazen for majority of last month and it’s got such a lovely calming rose scent.

      1. Have you tried oils on scars? I hear they have miraculous abilities to fade them away – I can’t attest to this as I haven’t tried them yet. But I’d be interested in your experience.

      2. Oils are great but I haven’t found an oil that goes well under makeup. It always seems to pile up. The ones I’m keen on go well above that high-end price point – Oskia and Sunday Riley! Serum for now as it’s gotten quite warm here xx

      3. I would suggest applying oils before bed as I find it helps me wake up with good skin.
        My skin can’t cope with coil under makeup. It would (A) slide off, and (B) make my skin super greasy
        I’ve heard wonderful things about the Sunday Riley oils and serums. I may have to explore! x

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