Springn’ it

It is beautiful outside right now. Our house got a mini makeover with more fresh plants and flowers as well. I collected some things over the past few weeks. Since I have been carrying them along everywhere, thought I’d share. I’ll leave the odd bits of tissues and tampons out. Oh and Lancome Juicy tubes! I got my hands on one.


Although it did not turn out to be as amazing as I’d hoped, it is perfect for the season. It tints lips in a sheer colour that stays for few hours. The shade Berry in Love is the darkest pink in the collection. Mangoes Wild, Cherry Simphony, Walk the Lime and Berry Tale leans on redder side. Wonder Melon, a sheer pink barely shows up on me. I have used a synthetic lip brush to apply directly from the bottle too. The result is a deeper tint from the pigments that lasts slighty longer as well.


I have to say, in certain situations whipping out the little shaker to shake can be slight strange in which case, I stuck to Dior Lip Glow. The balance of waxiness and moisture is perfect. It stains the lips as well. I looked so much for the Lilac one but it’s been sold out everywhere. The difference isn’t massive but lilac stands out on deeper skin tones.


I got a full size of one of my favorite sunscreen. Alpha-H SPF 50+ has intense protection, very light and non-greasy. The tube comes with a pump. If you are wondering what’s with the high SPF fac -because I am using few chemical exfoliants to get of scars!


Ok, this one may be a bit of a wtf moment but I carry around this glass bottle of serum only because it’s one thing I found that doesn’t disturb/break my makeup underneath when I need to top off. I use this on the back my hand as well. It isn’t the most hydrating thing but it takes the tightness away. Non-perfumed means it’s perfect for work as well.

Colab Dry Shampo in scent Tokyo has a almost talc-y fresh flower vibe. Love how it doesn’t look white/grey on dark hair.

Hope you are all well. I have my eyes on those gorgeous Hourglass strobing powders. I am expecting a palette mash sometime this year too. I hope they do!

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