Two Little Moisturizing Treats


Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus
This is a conditioning oil meant for dry hair and scalp. I don’t have particulary dry scalp but it tends to get tad scaly after every colouring session. I recently went a dark brown/almost black. My hair looks less shiny and the scalp is screaming for some moisture. I dug my finger in at the shop and just had to get it. The texture is a rich butter, melts as soon as you rub it and smells pretty darn incredible. The texture although thicker than coconut oil at room temperature spreads just like it.

Things to consider before buying. It transfers on to clothes and pillow. It will not wash out completely or easily at first wash. I think that’s a good thing though! It is priced at £19 for 50ml tub and £34.50 for 100ml tub. I haven’t seen anything that compares at a lesser price point, so far this turned out to be a good value for money.


Vichy Aqualia Thermale Rich
Ever have those days when you come home and want to wash up and put on a moisturiser that takes down parched skin ASAP? I don’t care much about skin science at that point. I want a good moisturiser and sleep. I have dehydrated skin at this moment and Aqualia Thermal is helping. It compared to some new age products feels heavy on skin, you know it is on. It takes a while to properly sink in. It feels rather nice. I got a backup already and when it comes to moisturizers, that is rare. I considered Clarins, they have some good stuff for dehydrated skin but my purse wanted to stick to £17 offering.

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