January Favorites

psx_20160202_160911.jpg20160119_115211.jpgWoohoo, It’s that time again! I am in love with everything in this roundup. Starting from my favorite of all -GHD Platinum Straightener.

The technology with straighteners hasn’t evolved that much in the last five years, which is how long I had the one before. Hardware and design though, has seen significant improvements. These GHDs are light in weight and have one button -turns out you don’t really need more than one heat setting. It heats up in two seconds and I’m done in less than 10 minutes!

20160128_104601.jpgDove Derma Spa Lotion. Essentially a thick body lotion with some kind of serum. Whatever it is, it’s working. The texture although thick feels very light on skin. It is not sticky, sinks in quick yet keeps bits moisturised. About time serums came into body care! Loving the scent that comes with “youthful Vitality” or the one in light purple cap.

Caramel Green Tea. I drink green tea in buckets. And every now and then the taste gets a bit too much, you know? Although the caramel in this tastes nothing like caramel to me, it’s slightly different than a full on pure green tea and smells absolutely divine! I hope it’s not a seasonal thing cos I can’t seem to find these anymore.

Hobbs Sophie Top brings basic to a whole new level. They have bunch of styles around a basic tshirt and “sophie” is my favorite. They are pretty pricy at £29, I picked mine for £23 in sale. I might have caught a slight obsession, they are a cashmere cardi of the tshirt world. I haven’t had it long enough to know if it washes well but already want more. You have to try it to know what It’s about.

psx_20160202_161147.jpgThe movie – Legend. Gang Violence, love story and wit aside. I love the setting accompanied by beautiful rooms. The stunning suits and cars playing in the background of East London in the 60s. You need to watch it and after you have, read up goofs on imdb. Yes, in that order is best.

Hope you are doing well. Days are getting longer and I see cherry blossoms scattered around town already!

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