Deets on Estee Lauder Enlighten Serum

I’ll be honest, this one is not perfect. For the massive sack of pennies I spent expected it to be better. All the ingredients in this is not listed but it’s not hard to guess it has silicones in it, which is not a problem in itself but it does not work well with some moisturises and makeup in general. I found flaky bits swishing around at the lightest stroke of a brush, patting on foundation didn’t help either.
All that said, it does what it’s meant for. I noticed about forty percent reduction of acne scars in two weeks. That is pretty good!

The serum is light and feels good on skin, doesn’t have a strong smell nor sting. It’s not moisturising enough on my skin and as soon as I layer on one, it almost breaks down the serum and gets flaky. I found Vichy’s Thermale Moisturiser works nicely with it. Oils of most kind just curdles up.
I am usually sensitive to re-surfacing formulations. Enlighten did well, I experienced no redness or increased sensitivity. Do use sunscreen everyday though! Quite happy with the performance but I will likely look elsewhere after.

Estee Lauder Enlighten Serum, £50 for 30ml.
Hope everyone is well. Can’t believe it’s almost end of January already! I have been in a very spendy mood this week. January blues, anyone? I’m not a massive lover of celebrating Valentines day but might just take this opportunity to buy myself a present I have been eyeing. A bit of what you fancy does you good, eh?

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